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New research developments like the one in New Zealand can help women beat breast cancer.
Laying emphasis on early detection to beat breast cancer, the hospital has launched its annual Medcare Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign (MBCAC).
So we are urging everyone to raise some dough and help us beat breast cancer."
Monash IVF implanted the tissue into the woman, six years after she beat breast cancer.
His wife Susan beat breast cancer in her right breast aged 29 in 1999 and is now battling the same condition in her left breast aged 41.
"Events like this are essential to raise awareness and fund research to beat breast cancer."
NORTH East clubs are being asked to take on a new challenge this year and help beat breast cancer.
A GROUP of Holme Valley women are celebrating after raising almost pounds 4,000 to beat breast cancer.
Accountant Graham, 54, beat breast cancer in 1998 and James beat testicular cancer seven years later.
She beat breast cancer, recently lost her husband, my grandad, to lung cancer and is still the most positive person I know.
The one thing they all have in common is their absolute determination to beat breast cancer.
Kylie Minogue potentially faces months of surgery and treatment as she battles to beat breast cancer.