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I'm currently ferrying my wife to and from hospital on a daily basis for her radiotherapy sessions to help her beat breast cancer.
Events like this are essential to raise awareness and fund research to beat breast cancer.
NORTH East clubs are being asked to take on a new challenge this year and help beat breast cancer.
A GROUP of Holme Valley women are celebrating after raising almost pounds 4,000 to beat breast cancer.
Accountant Graham, 54, beat breast cancer in 1998 and James beat testicular cancer seven years later.
She beat breast cancer, recently lost her husband, my grandad, to lung cancer and is still the most positive person I know.
The one thing they all have in common is their absolute determination to beat breast cancer.
Thousands of women have already beat breast cancer thanks to recent research on aromatase inhibitors," says Dr.
King, always upbeat, recites the names of famous women who continue to beat breast cancer: Julia Child, Olivia Newton-John, Nancy Reagan, Ann Jillian.
A common theme of their letters was, `If Linda McCartney cannot beat breast cancer, what hope have I got?
At her next job, in Betty Herman's dress shop, nearby, she learned "a lot about how to treat people," as well as the mantra she still lives by: "There should not be anything you can't get your hands around and do"--a message reinforced, she says, when she beat breast cancer at age 37.
Unfortunately, for many of those who successfully beat breast cancer, there is a chance they could face the potentially debilitating post-breast cancer condition called lymphedema.