beat down

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We shall only add, therefore, that the Puritan--so, at least, says chimney-corner tradition, which often preserves traits of character with marvellous fidelity--was bold, imperious, relentless, crafty; laying his purposes deep, and following them out with an inveteracy of pursuit that knew neither rest nor conscience; trampling on the weak, and, when essential to his ends, doing his utmost to beat down the strong.
Hawkeye soon got another enemy within reach of his arm, and with one sweep of his formidable weapon he beat down the slight and inartificial defenses of his antagonist, crushing him to the earth with the blow.
There is a bit of previous with these sides as Westmeath controver-sially beat Down in the inaugural Christy Ring Cup in 2005, above, and the Mourne men arguably haven't recovered since.
Battle of words: While Democrats decry the Republicans' innate ability to beat down their party with a simple catchphrase like ``cut and run,'' Karl Rove just throws it right back in John Kerry's face.
Players bash, kick, and beat down on junkyard fighters using their chosen dominator in the upcoming Q4 2005 release of Metal Combat.
Last year's beaten finalists Mayo, the reigning Connacht champions, will take on Kerry who beat Down 1-14 to 3-6.
They beat Down in their League opener last year but the Mourne men appear to have regrouped since and have shown much better form so far, although it is still very early days.
These guys are beat down, they need to have a break,'' Carroll said.
In 1992, with the departure of Grand Puba and DJ Alamo, Lord Jamar, Sadat X, along with DJ Sincere returned with the Brand Nubian release, In God We Trust, which gave us more classics including "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down.
A shortage of homes for sale has helped sellers beat down the fees charged by estate agents and solicitors.