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Martinez would like to land James McCarthy, but is likely to be beaten to the punch by Spurs.
Hayley Turner has yet to win a Royal Ascot race and she might well be beaten to the punch by Kirsty Milzcarek, who rides Rewarded, and I have no doubt she is up to the task.
Bricker said the findings suggest "that all those in the English-speaking world who suggested that our children should learn Mandarin or Japanese to have successful careers were beaten to the punch by the Chinese, in particular, learning English first.
But Ferguson senior - who had already received favourable scouting reports on van Nistelrooy - was beaten to the punch.
Of course, just as Feynman had been anticipated by Benioff, Shor was beaten to the punch by Robert Redford.
But it was beaten to the punch by United Airlines which said it was offering all-inclusive, advance purchase return Sydney-Los Angeles business class fares from $6876 USD and Melbourne-Los Angeles from $6859 USD.
Lancome, which planned to launch its mascara in late February, was beaten to the punch, but still benefited from consumers who quickly added their names to a waiting list.
The former Bolton boss is also maintaining his interest in Tal Ben-Haim, whom he tried to sign on a free transfer from his old club during the close-season, but was beaten to the punch by Chelsea.
He had spells on the front foot and was still repeatedly beaten to the punch.
He was beaten to the punch throughout and never mounted a serious attack.
Wigan are also believed to be in the running to sign Milner and the danger is that Villa could be beaten to the punch for a player they believed they had all but signed.
Troy" in 2004, was beaten to the punch by USA network's mini "Helen of Troy," which aired a year earlier.