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To talk about the beatific vision is to use sight or vision as a metaphor for union with God.
From this beatific vision in today's baptism story, Christ dedicated himself to this mission.
"You always wonder why nuns have a slightly beatific look.
The cherubic moppets rejoiced: "She always has a smile, she never hurries us along..." The lead character in Paul Weitz' delightful comedy drama sticks up two fingers to that beatific image of patience and enduring grace in old age.
Often working under immense pressure and frustration, the nursing staff managed to maintain a stiff upper lip invariably complemented with a beatific smile.
What began as the simple question of what it means to live flows seamlessly into an account of virtue, the graced life, and, ultimately, the beatific vision.
Beatific Enjoyment in Medieval Scholastic Debates: The Complex Legacy of Saint Augustine and Peter Lombard.
8PM PREMIERE Beatific boffin Johnny Depp dreams of sentient machines but antitechnology radicals seek to unplug the future.
A beatific symphony to accompany a beatific vision.
DAY Day 2, the Solemnity of All Saints, commemorates all the unsung saints and martyrs throughout Christian history, those who have no designated feast day in the calendar but are believed to have attained the beatific vision of God in heaven.
Oh wow.' Which some people seem to accept as a sort of beatific statement of wonderment, as the Apple Corporation's founder glimpsed eternity.
Mary's beatific smile but I like the distinctive hats on those in