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Any scholar interested in the history of beatific enjoyment in the Latin West during the Middle Ages would be well advised to consult Kitanov's book.
A beatific symphony to accompany a beatific vision.
Why ask me, who still walks the earth, and not someone who beholds the beatific vision?
On AdAir people blend into their wonderful sculpted seats, cupped and cuddled by the huge stretch of space given to each pax even in Economy and that enables the traveler to relax with beatific smile on beatific face as he sIumbers in beatific repose.
DAY Day 2, the Solemnity of All Saints, commemorates all the unsung saints and martyrs throughout Christian history, those who have no designated feast day in the calendar but are believed to have attained the beatific vision of God in heaven.
Which some people seem to accept as a sort of beatific statement of wonderment, as the Apple Corporation's founder glimpsed eternity.
Mary's beatific smile but I like the distinctive hats on those in
He also stated that the good ones will be raptured and will be joined in celestial beatific bliss with Christ while the sinners of the world will be left to face extinction a few months from now.
In its origin, All Saints' was considered the catch-all celebration of all the named and nameless martyrs who have been ushered in to the beatific vision.
Its hallowed halls and God-favoured greensward were a beatific backdrop to my interlocutor in her holy hoodie' reads like parody, but is in fact Smith's account of meeting a nun in a convent.
I don't care about them," she added with a beatific smile.