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At the beatification ceremony, eight deacons and priests carried the bloodstained shirt, now a relic, to the altar in a glass case.
Bishops attend the beatification ceremony of Pope Paul VI, and a mass for the closing of of a two-week synod on family issues, celebrated by Pope <B Francis, in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican yesterday Andrew Medichini
Beatification requires evidence of one miracle that happened after the candidate has died and as a result of a specific plea to the candidate.
Beatification is the third of four steps in the process by which someone officially becomes a saint.
In the case of Pope John XXIII, who was known as the "good pope", Francis waved the customary rules which require a second miracle after beatification, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said.
He is in the second stage of becoming a saint, being known as Venerable, with his beatification still pending.
Skubis made the point that not only did the research into Stefczyk's life need to be meticulous and extremely thorough, the final step to beatification cannot be taken without the church attributing a miracle to Stefczyk's intercession.
A place of honour was reserved for Sister Marie Simon-Pierre Normand, a French nun who suffered from Parkinson's disease but whose inexplicable cure has been attributed to John Paul's intercession with God to perform a miracle, thus permitting the beatification to go ahead.
For Catholics filling St Peter's Square and its surrounding streets, and for those watching around the world the beatification was a welcome hearkening back to the days when the Pope was almost universally beloved.
The late Pope's beatification, the fastest in modern times, is a morale boost for a Church scarred by the sex abuse crisis, but it has also triggered a new wave of anger from victims groups because the scandal happened under John Paul's 27-year watch.
The relic, a key feature of beatification ceremonies, will be available for the faithful to venerate.
At noon church bells of the Sacred Heart Cathedral announced the beatification of the beloved Pope.