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announced a mission trip to attend the beatification Mass in El Salvador.
The beatification of Del Portillo attracted a crowd in Madrid unseen since anti-austerity protests in 2012, but was overshadowed by a declaration from the regional leader of Spain's Catalonia region setting a Nov.
On Sunday May 1 in Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City, the Catholic Church will have a Beatification ceremony for Pope John Paul II.
Normally, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints waits at least five years after a person's death before it begins to examine a petition for beatification brought by a candidate's local bishop.
In a message sent for the beatification, Pope Francis said Romero "built the peace with the power of love, gave testimony of the faith with his life.
htm">Massive crowds gather for Pope John Paul II beatification [PHOTOS]</a>
After Sunday's beatification mass, it will remain in that spot and the basilica will remain open until all visitors who want to view it have done so.
The step-by-step process for his beatification began at the Birmingham Oratory in the late 1950s.
I personally hope that his beatification can happen in a truly short period of time, because it would be very important in this moment for the path of ecumenism," Cardinal Saraiva Martins said (Zenit, 10 Jan.
Vatican rules require the body of someone considered for beatification to be exhumed to confirm the person's identity, but the decision to move Cope was made by the Franciscans.
The trip was arranged around the beatification of three members of Christian organisation Catholic Action.
Archbishop Kelly will also take part in the Masses and celebrations to mark thePope's Silver Jubileeand the Beatification of Mother Teresaof Calcutta.