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POPE John Paul hailed women for their ``sensitivity, generosity and strength''yesterday as he beatified a Croatian nun who devoted her life to helping poor children.
Pope Benedict commented: "Adding such a great number of martyrs to the list of beatified persons shows that the supreme witness of giving blood is not an exception reserved only to some individuals, but a realistic possibility for all Christian people.
Also beatified were two priests who founded orders of nuns, Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri, who died in 1893, and Arcangelo Tadini, who died in 1912.
Budapest -- In the first beatification to take place in Hungary in nearly a thousand years, Sara Salkahazi, a nun honoured by Jewish organizations for saving the lives of dozens of Jews during World War II was beatified on September 17.
She died in 1680 at the age of 24 and was beatified by Pope John Paul II June 22, 1980.
Lupita was beatified on April 25 by Pope John Paul II along with five others.
When she is officially declared a saint, it is also likely that she will be the only one ever to meet the pope that beatified her.
Native American Catholics from across the country are congregating to honour Kateri Tekakwitha, a Mohawk Indian martyred in 1680, who became the first Native American beatified by the Catholic Church in 1980.
In 1980, 300 years after Kateri's death, Pope John Paul II beatified her - a designation that is one level below canonization, Coiro said.
This book has a novel approach to saints' lives, an approach which teaches an important truth: God forgives the repentant person, indeed so much that they can not only gain heaven but can also gain the glory and pre-eminence of beatified or canonized saints.
A Chilean Jesuit who worked with the poor, two prelates beatified by Pope John Paul II during his 2001 visit to Ukraine and two Italians - one a Capuchin brother, the other a founder of a religious order - were added to the list of the Roman Catholic Church's saints.
Father Leon Dehon, founder of the Sacred Heart of Jesus religious order, was scheduled to be beatified on April 24 in St.