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Croatia's bishops have announced that the Holy Father will make his second pastoral visit to their country on October 3 and 4 and beatify Cardinal Alojzije (Aloysius) Stepinac, who died in 1962.
Thousands of Catholics from the UK and around the world will attend a special Mass to beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman as Pope Benedict completes his British tour.
More than 1,000 are travelling to Birmingham to witness the Pope beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman - a ceremony which paves the way for him to become the first English saint in 40 years.
The restrictions around Cofton Park - where the Pope will beatify a cardinal - run from 6pm on Saturday 18 September until 8pm the next day.
The Maronite Church and the Order of Lebanese Monks asked the Holy Pope Benedict XVI to beatify Lebanese Maronite Monk Estephan Nehmeh," Sfeir said.
Vatican City -- In October, Pope Benedict will beatify almost 500 Spanish Civil War victims killed by anarchists and communists solely because of their Catholic faith.
He has designated cardinals to celebrate Masses to beatify people.
THE process to beatify Pope John Paul II, the first step towards possible sainthood, has begun with an edict inviting testimony from witnesses about his virtues.
I wondered if the beatify parlor had made a mistake.
Baum declared that at this time it would be especially helpful to have these materials, given the current efforts to beatify Pope Pius II.
Jewish organizations criticized John Paul's decision to beatify Pius IX.