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The Pope is an optimist and enthusiastic," he said, "because he knows that God loves each person." The reason that this Holy Father has broken all the records of his predecessors in canonizing and beatifying so many priests, religious, and laity, he explained, is that he wants to put before Catholics model evangelizers, individuals who overcame tremendous obstacles, physical ailments, and often persecution, to catechize individuals who excelled in promoting "simple devotions," especially devotion to the passion of Christ, His Sacred Heart, and His Real Presence.
Beatifying five Italians and a Belgian in a ceremony in St Peter's Square he raised to 938 the number of faithful to whom he has accorded that honour.
"He was opposed to the policy that it belong to Italy; Mexico and Portugal, for example, persecuted the Church and locked it in silence." (Editor: this problem was resolved with the signing of the Lateran Treaty in 1929 which created the Modern Vatican state of 108 acres.) Some have also complained of a "discrepancy" in beatifying the "authoritarian" Pius IX alongside the "Good Pope," John XXIII.