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As the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing approach, several lawmakers are beating the drum on human rights abuses in China.
The awards evening is all about celebrating success and beating the drum for an industry which has been vital to the UK economy for more than 30 years.
All through the competition, experts were beating the drum, stating Moral could not win or even reach the final and I don't even hold it against Tony Meek's dog because my money was on Ayr Flyer.
Change will come from pressures from within, but that won't happen unless we and our supporters are there on the inside, beating the drum and turning up the heat.
Tomorrow's short list: Begin beating the drum for "instant runoff" voting.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for information and technology Anosha Rehman said Monday PTI kept on beating the drum of 35 punctures for 4 months but it did not even bother to say a single word about it before Judicial Commission (JC).
YOUNG men were beating the drum at Stormont this week to celebrate an innovative project tackling negative stereotypes and aspirations.
The U2 frontman was beating the drum again yesterday when he praised Canada's war against the pandemic.