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He adds: "Since we were kids, ChaCha [uncle] Ahmad Khan has been beating the drum during Ramadan, we all know him well.
George Rafferty, chief executive of NOF Energy, said: "The awards evening is all about celebrating success and beating the drum for an industry which has been vital to the UK economy for more than 30 years and one which is still an economic powerhouse today.
All through the competition, experts were beating the drum, stating Moral could not win or even reach the final and I don't even hold it against Tony Meek's dog because my money was on Ayr Flyer.
Change will come from pressures from within, but that won't happen unless we and our supporters are there on the inside, beating the drum and turning up the heat.
Tomorrow's short list: Begin beating the drum for "instant runoff" voting.
Campbell, of Barlarnark, Glasgow, was beating the drum and singing sectarian songs as Celtic supporters' buses passed him in Ballieston.