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Implement urban landscaping design schemes and supervise urban greening and beautification projects.
We have now created Phase-II of the beautification process costing Rs.
The two-day event, which was the first of its kind in the region, has been arranged between municipal affairs ministers to discuss the creation of a specialised team to manage the beautification of the cities within the GCC and enhance co-operation between the regional countries within the field.
The plan comes within the framework of the beautification of the country and increasing its green zones.
A pond in Surajpur that was to be acquired by Greater Noida authority and taken up for beautification has also been put on hold.
Ayyazi said the Beautification Office would decide what to do with the sculptures already placed on pedestals in public locations around the capital.
Giving details, in charge of PHA Assistant Director Sheikh Tariq said that millions of rupees had been allocated for the beautification project.
Ajloun along 34 nominations competed for awards of environmental health, whereas Aqaba along 29 nominations competed for greening and beautification of cities awards,
Volunteers assisted with cleanup and beautification efforts at three sites in the Grapevine area including Rockledge Park, an Army Corps of Engineers property, and the shoreline of Lake Grapevine.
Launching the first competition for the beautification of Makkah at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Jeddah, he said the Saudi leadership was keen to make Makkah one of the most developed and beautiful cities in the world.
is a woman-owned company founded in 1994 with an excellent reputation for disaster work clean-up, commercial and residential tree removal, forest beautification and mulch manufacturing.
The dhs84 million Sheikh Zayed Beautification Project will start in May.