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When the wind failed to blow, Nelson's fleet would have been becalmed and thus rendered impotent in an emergency.
And references to turbines becalmed are no argument that wind power is not a viable alternative energy source.
Mellow, soulful pop with a keen eye on the power of big production and he's not afraid to go for the complex either as he switches from big bounce to becalmed.
Moelfre RNLI's large lifeboat Robert and Violet was launched when the 42ft vessel becalmed.
It demonstrated that Henman's game, becalmed for the past nine months by shoulder surgery and four months rehabilitation, is nearing top form.
All you people who were fretting that this multi-millionaire member of a half-baked American football team might not get his 100th England cap were becalmed last night when he trotted out to face France.
and called for a longer "period of reflection" about the becalmed constitutional treaty before deciding how the union can be made to function more effectively.
This time the powerhouse run-getter smashed a crucial 69 as he and talented Walker (58) becalmed the Skem attack to put victory within sight.
Golden Hours and Becalmed speak for themselves, while the title track is the one we all know as the theme music for arty TV programme Arena.
After someone ran out to the becalmed West Indian openers and reminded them that yesterday's clash against South Africa was a one-dayer, not a Test, their run-rate soared from something fairly negligible to something much more respectable.
But Bell became becalmed once Hafeez departed and the rest of the C&NW batting collaped around him.
This is summer's blue ribbon event; an orange juice sun that stains and sticks; the sea a brew of human flotsam spent and becalmed in a bluer Stygian fix.