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Beckon unifies messy, disparate marketing data across online and offline channels and delivers rich marketing analytics, dashboards and scorecards--strategic, real-time views of omnichannel marketing performance--so that marketers can understand what is working across it all and reallocate and improve as they go.
Beckon provides omnichannel analytics software for the marketing industry.
Hokusai, 2004, a diptych, joins one panel--in which twenty imperfect, not-quite-primary-colored rectangles beckon like doorways, while a single black rectangle takes on the resonance of a black hole--with another panel of overlapping, lyrical wave shapes, the swells piled one upon the next in coagulated motion.
Its arched doorways beckon us: Come, enter this house of worship.
Yeaman and other investigators have found that platelets may participate in the innate immune response by killing microbes directly or by releasing inflammatory chemicals that beckon macrophages and neutrophils.
Northern Ontario, however, continued to beckon Jackson as did the family tradition in glass-making.
Tama liked to groom herself and when she did so, she appeared to beckon with her paw.
Those crazy towers certainly beckon -- via the video projections by Daniel Foster and EyeAwake Studios -- but Smith does little to bring them to us or us to them.
By 1999, he had released Passion Session, his first effort as a charter member of the Narada label, and wider acclaim seemed to beckon.