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2 : to appear inviting <New adventures were beckoning.
First published in 1950, The Beckoning Door is a reprint of Mabel Seeley's classic mystery.
When they ignored him he carried on following them and beckoning at midday on January 12 in Great Sutton, near Ellesmere Port.
I saw quality initiatives--so many quality initiatives--with such names as Quality First, the Nursing Home Quality Initiative, Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes, all beckoning alluringly, even while the state survey process whirlpool grew ever larger.
Well, Daniel, this is a major maturing year, with a serious educational choice beckoning.
Founded in 1823 as the first university in the Midwest, Indiana University is a champion of culture, beckoning artists, writers, and musicians to teach or perform there.
Whether mesmerizing with razor-sharp pirouettes, beckoning with filigreed fingers, or executing footwork that ventured into the complex territory of a Bach fugue, Baras is charting new terrain.
It's been quite some time since his The Beckoning Fair One (0486436-470, $5.
Opportunity is beckoning to investors from downstate.
From the western side of Okinawa, their rumpled silhouettes are barely visible on the horizon--a secret corner, beckoning.
To access the coded content, participants must perform a digital analogue of gesture, beckoning delivery of the meaning content, And they'd best do it fast: As soon as the message is grabbed, the beam disappears.