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Tonight he contests an Open 525 at Harold's Cross and a step closer to history beckons.
And it's that type of success and teamwork over long days and nights, working side by side with their Iraqi counterpart, that beckons SDDC Soldiers to go above and beyond the call of duty, according to Johnson.
They endure terrible desert heat and even snakebite, manage to escape the smugglers, and finally make it to "the land of opportunity," where work as a migrant field laborer beckons.
With more than 60 plant species found in as little as three square feet, the forest beckons numerous plant and butterfly species.
Much of the reading beckons the right brain, but there also are suggestions and exercises to help the left brain achieve these higher states.
Poignant and wistful certainly but melancholic and forlorn to boot, the repetitive act of stroking the window through which Manhattan beckons seems an act of obeisance, an acknowledgment of the fractious relationship between Manhattan and Brooklyn, a paean to the city just an arm's reach away, a wish to serve and groom it.
She pauses next to her convertible, soaking up the SoCal sun as the world-famous Hollywood sign beckons in the background.
His flamenco puro seduces and beckons with flawless musical rhythms.
The increasing religious pluralism in our country beckons us to turn this heritage into a legacy.
At the bottom of the hill, the old military chapel's steeple still beckons visitors.