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Recognizing Jewish indebtedness to Christianity, especially on the level of popular piety, is often much more difficult, beclouded by a long history of martyrdom, persecution, and unwanted, often forced, missionary efforts.
Stella oft sees the very face of woe Painted in my beclouded stormy face; But cannot skill to pity my disgrace, Not though thereof the cause herself she know; Yet hearing late a fable, which did show Of lovers never known a grievous case, Pity thereof gat in her breast such place That, from that sea derived, tears' spring did flow.
118) In fact, as noted by the dissenting judge below, D-2's "allegations, if true, portray a picture of 'a defendant whose free will was beclouded by the coercive force of his codefendant's threats.
The point at which advocacy passes from the one to the other may well be exceedingly beclouded in a given case, as where the facts point in both directions.
Alfaro protested that "what was yesterday a conviction or a decision that a certain thing had to be done, appears today beclouded by doubts and is a subject of consultation.
The Naxos recording seems a touch heavier and more beclouded than the EMI, and Wit seems a tad less inclined to open up the music emotionally.
While the issue of collective bargaining was the original difference in the industrial turmoil at Winnipeg, that issue was soon beclouded in the determination voiced by the committee of One Thousand to conduct a war a outrance on the sympathetic strike.
In an election beclouded by uncertainty and confusion over the future of the federal timber payments that are the lifeblood of Lane County government, voters spoke with absolute and unmistakable clarity on Tuesday.
This is followed by another image: his mind has been concussed and beclouded, not by drunken stupor, but by jealousy, becoming a bunch of grapes full of bitterness (botru~ pikria~).
can never flee from the responsibility for having beclouded the prospect of peaceful solution to the nuclear issue and the six-way talks and created a very grave situation on the Korean Peninsula through its hostile policy toward the DPRK and frantic war exercises against it,'' the statement said.
But the children's view of events is not beclouded by mystification and their comments focus on the fallibility of these flesh-and-blood human beings.
The best and most that we can ever do here is to employ inductive or plausible or probabilistic reasoning in a way that leaves the issue beclouded with a shadow of doubt.