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Thus, during both the British trusteeship, which lasted until 1952, and the federal era, which followed until 1962, a deadly security dilemma beclouded Eritrea.
If letters are generally beclouded by emotions, sentiments and outbursts as the paper has admitted, there is no reason to think as Laine Randjarv's paper does, that this did not happen in the letters bearing the correspondences between Vettik and the selected set of people regardless of class and situation.
greased by steady economic expansion and beclouded by no ideology any
Look around you then think of barbaric Africa, benighted India, beclouded China, and the other lost nations of the earth, and contrast the condition of the women before the people had heard the blessed story with their state after the refreshing, life-giving message had come to them .
Some of our early dating is beclouded from the thrill and nervousness of our new love or lost due to time gone by, but this conversation remains clear.
Amalia's reign of more than 30 years as Queen of Philippine Movies has not beclouded her cognizance of reality.
The term confusion can be code for diagnoses ranging from delirium (a) to a progressive neurocognitive disorder (NCD) such as major NCD due to Alzheimer's disease (AD), or even a more challenging problem such as beclouded dementia (delirium superimposed on dementia/NCD).
Yet moral corruption spreads amongst the learned people of the city, beclouded by their unfettered pride in their knowledge, an excess that blindly leads them to believe themselves unique and distinct from the lesser cultures and to a hoarding of vaporous epistemological merits.
Wisdom is a prerequisite of (black) humor because "the comedy in reality is usually beclouded with some false appearance and can not be easily detected.
If seas can becalmed and skies can beclouded, can rain befallen?
He felt that the assumption of Christianity and Islam that pious people who suffered on earth would receive great rewards in heaven had beclouded the sense of judgment of many African people.