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enabled us to introduce have become added selling points for our institution.
DSF sales at 6,000 outlets in 70 malls in Dubai, entertainment shows by international performers become added attractions.
Adoption of environmentally friendly technologies, and the application of local wisdom as an independent strength, have become added value towards competitiveness of Indonesian export products," says Gita Wirjawan.
In addition, since NW first came on the scene, studies of short and long-term catastrophic impacts like Chernobyl in 1986 or the flooding of New Orleans in 2005 have shown that things as central as rescue and relocation of surviving populations would likely prove impossible, and would become added factors in the NW nightmare.
And in the worst-case scenario, improperly employed barriers can become added deadly shrapnel at the leading edge of the destructive effects of an explosive device.
In the second instance, Hodgkin's panels possess specific shape, thickness, and texture, which become added features of his painterly practice of representation.
Plus, many of the tasks and obligations faced by mutual funds - such as hiring a chief compliance officer, an auditor, and legal counsel, and identifying qualified board members - are obligations of the trust and therefore do not become added burdens to a new fund.
The implementation and marketing of these services in the third quarter of 2001 are expected to become added revenue generators.
We expect PCoIP remote computing to become added capability for a broad range of customers across a variety of markets.
Support for new multimedia, including sound and video, will become added features to Pixer MMS as host platforms and networks support them.