become an ingredient

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President Duterte has expressed support for studies on the use of medical marijuana, noting that it has become an ingredient in modern medicine.
Nuts have become an ingredient in the daily diet of many consumers, as opposed to a more seasonal product.
According to historians like Hilaire Belloc, the old time barbarians who immigrated to the confines of the Roman Republic wanted to be a part of that culture and did so, quite like Latino immigrants and their American-born children today become an ingredient of the fabric of America, including joining the armed forces.
Managing and remotely accessing these systems requires secure and dependable software solutions, which is where the Pragma software solutions become an ingredient to a successful enterprise infrastructure.
All four states do not exempt tangible personal property, including machinery and equipment or parts used in manufacturing or conversion, consumed in manufacturing that does not become an ingredient in or component part of the finished product.
Social accountability has become an ingredient for potential backlash, as consumers want to know if the manufacturing process is detrimental to the environment.
If future studies planned by Clevidence show that people readily absorb lycopene from the berries, they could become an ingredient in processed foods.
Information will become an ingredient, not the application (e.g., e-commerce).
With all this versatility, it becomes complicated when you consider that the nonwoven may become an ingredient for another product.
Again, most grade C blocks become an ingredient in food processing.
Most states allow a manufacturing exemption for sales of personal property that become an ingredient of tangible property that itself will be sold.
* Chemicals, if they become an ingredient or component part of the manufactured item