become aware of

References in classic literature ?
It simply warns him that we have lately become aware of the existence of a private Document, controlling the deceased gentleman in his use of the legacy devised to him by Mr.
And with every door that you unlock, you will become aware of others and still others that are yet shut fast, until at last you learn with something of pain, that the great palace of our Literature is so vast that you can never hope to open all the doors even to peep inside.
Twitter says that "We have become aware of an issue related to one of our support forms, which is used by account holders to contact Twitter about issues with their account.
The number of Queenslanders seeking help and advice about elder abuse is continuing to grow as more people become aware of the seriousness of this issue and the support available.
Summary: Their mother had become aware of their inclination for Daesh and had warned them.
Who told him he is now 75 and at what stage did he become aware of his present age status?
"The people living there had thankfully become aware of the fire and they were all outside when we arrived.
In his first public comments on the controversy, Mr McGuinness also made clear he had only become aware of the claims Liam Adams abused his daughter, Aine Tyrell, in the 1970s and 1980s in recent months.
6 : to become aware of being in a place, condition, or activity <Omri found himself wondering .
Summary: Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Sunday that presence of US representative in Geneva talks created an opportunity for Washington to become aware of Iran's views directly.
As Dubai is beginning to become aware of issues such as recycling and living a greener lifestyle I think that we should all become greener suppliers and consumers by becoming aware of the products that we consume on a daily basis which is affecting our planet in a dramatic way.
When did Alex Maskey and Joe O'Donnell become aware of the circumstances surrounding Robert's murder?