become bankrupt

See: fail, lose, overdraw
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He said during the last governments, efforts were made to procure paddy through the PASSCO which had given some economic relief to the growers but due to the anti-growers policies of the present government, the growers have become bankrupt.
He said that apart from the package government should also give due consideration to the exporters of rice who have become bankrupt due to the international prices and said that without supporting them we cannot recapture our traditional markets.
Although he said the Church would help where it could, the Primate also added, "If the (bailout) terms are going to bring bankruptcy, let us leave them behind and let us become bankrupt.
What's more they discover that the hotelier about to become bankrupt is their old Army general.
When questioned by police he said he had been working as a mortgage consultant at a time when he had funds to cover the costs of the car, but that he had then lost his job and become bankrupt.
Westerners have become bankrupt in all aspects of life," Naqdi said.
Following Pakistan's poor showing in the Champions Trophy, Sethi promised accountability of the captain, vice-captain, coach and the selection committee over any failings of the national team, adding that it is a mistaken perception that PCB has become bankrupt.
If Scotland vote Yes, I for one will not be voting them back in when they soon become bankrupt and we should close the borders to prevent more infiltration of the UK by undesirables, after all it will be a foreign country.
Judge Paul Thomas, sentencing, said: "When individuals like you become bankrupt, other people to who you owe money lose out financially.
Western media speculations are again growing that Greece will soon become bankrupt and leave the eurozone.
It was done because M/ S Samrat Bicycles Private Ltd had become bankrupt and its assets were supposed to the sold to pay the outstanding loans", said Jagat Raj.
the currently traveled government road will wash out and become bankrupt, either gradually as its healthcare programs become more and more smothered in paperwork, or abruptly.