become bankrupt

See: fail, lose, overdraw
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Debray has made me lose 700,000 francs; let him bear his share of the loss, and we will go on as before; if not, let him become bankrupt for the 250,000 livres, and do as all bankrupts do -- disappear.
Most people become bankrupt through having invested too heavily in the prose of life.
What's more, if he was to marry, divorce or become bankrupt you could lose the roof over your heads.
The Romanian Council for Financial Supervision (CASF) on Tuesday has taken the decision of revoking the licence of Forte Insurance as it unearthed that the company has become bankrupt, according to ASF.
Government and Army are on the same page after a long time which is ensuring stability of a country which was destined to become bankrupt few years back.
He claims he "allowed" himself to become bankrupt so he could sever his business links with his estranged brother Stuart.
He said that apart from the package government should also give due consideration to the exporters of rice who have become bankrupt due to the international prices and said that without supporting them we cannot recapture our traditional markets.
Western media speculations are again growing that Greece will soon become bankrupt and leave the eurozone.
For another, compensation for the family of the victims has become moot and academicthe club owner had become bankrupt ("Ozone victims: Where's the money?
What's more they discover that the hotelier about to become bankrupt is their old Army general.
Judge Paul Thomas, sentencing, said: "When individuals like you become bankrupt, other people to who you owe money lose out financially.
Westerners have become bankrupt in all aspects of life," Naqdi said.