become bound

References in classic literature ?
``Valorous Lord, and reverend Father,'' said he, here standeth the good Knight, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Knight Preceptor of the Order of the Temple, who, by accepting the pledge of battle which I now lay at your reverence's feet, hath become bound to do his devoir in combat this day, to maintain that this Jewish maiden, by name Rebecca, hath justly deserved the doom passed upon her in a Chapter of this most Holy Order of the Temple of Zion, condemning her to die as a sorceress; here, I say, he standeth, such battle to do, knightly and honourable, if such be your noble and sanctified pleasure.''
It is also a good omen for the future, and it is to be expected that future elections in the former FATA, both national and provincial, will be an improvement on these, as these areas become bound to the rest of the country, and its people find themselves playing an increasingly prominent role in the running of the province.
This also implies that during that period the UK will not become bound by international agreements in its own capacity in fields of competence of EU law, unless authorised to do so by the EU.
Now, Mez discovers a growing group of shadowwalkers--including an anaconda, a bat, a tree frog and a monkey--who become bound together by a larger purpose.
This paradox is illustrated by the question of whether an entity can maintain freedom and simultaneously retain the ability to become bound. On the one hand, if an entity becomes bound, through submission to treaties for example, it suffers a loss of freedom.
He cannot work any more and requires constant assistance to use his hands besides having become bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life," Shamsudeen mentioned in his lawsuit.
These three lives intersect and become bound together as they walk with gods, watch them die, and hide from the terror that is humanity's lust for violence and destruction.
The Russians "have become bound up in a civil war in a way that's going to be extremely difficult to extricate themselves from."
Under the new Act, the manufacturers would become bound to disclose details of the goods products such as components, parts, quality, ingredients, or date of manufacturing and expiry date to consumer before entering into contract of sale while in case of service, the provider will have to disclose the capabilities or qualification of the services or quality of the products.
So the approach can work to keep carbon that has become bound up in plant life from decaying and respiring as carbon dioxide.
A fantasy epic, you play Monkey (voiced by Serkis) a loner in a ruined earth 150 years from now, and become bound via a strange headband to a girl called Trip, who you must stay close to and protect.
The dispute over fuel duty has become bound up with another, related matter, that of the planned increases in vehicle excise duty next year.