become bound to

See: pledge
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Valorous Lord, and reverend Father,'' said he, here standeth the good Knight, Brian de Bois-Guilbert, Knight Preceptor of the Order of the Temple, who, by accepting the pledge of battle which I now lay at your reverence's feet, hath become bound to do his devoir in combat this day, to maintain that this Jewish maiden, by name Rebecca, hath justly deserved the doom passed upon her in a Chapter of this most Holy Order of the Temple of Zion, condemning her to die as a sorceress; here, I say, he standeth, such battle to do, knightly and honourable, if such be your noble and sanctified pleasure.
21) In the affirmation of an absolute concept of autonomy, one must accept either that an autonomous individual may become bound to the point of a complete eradication of autonomy, or that the individual is limited from engaging in activities that would be detrimental to her autonomy, which is itself a limit to autonomy.
Again, the object of this examination is the state that has voluntarily submitted to the jurisdiction of an external authority, such as the ICJ, and has thus become bound to one of its decrees, or voluntarily become bound to some agreement with another state, or voluntarily become bound in some other way.
He cannot work any more and requires constant assistance to use his hands besides having become bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life," Shamsudeen mentioned in his lawsuit.
Under the new Act, the manufacturers would become bound to disclose details of the goods products such as components, parts, quality, ingredients, or date of manufacturing and expiry date to consumer before entering into contract of sale while in case of service, the provider will have to disclose the capabilities or qualification of the services or quality of the products.
When we become bound to creation through love, we start to see beyond all difference and it becomes possible to build a planet of many species with one future.
By suppressing the Ii protein by antisense methods, peptides which are transported into the endoplasmic reticulum to be bound by MHC Class I molecules also become bound to and presented by MHC class II molecules.
In their Nature report, Drake and Righter suggest that the band of the solar nebula was cooler than the temperature other researchers have inferred, thus allowing water ice to condense and become bound to the silicates.
Bits of coating can become bound to the frying oil, where they are carbonized and then redeposited on the fries to create ugly black spots.
When she says, "|Lean on me'" (133), Sula is asking Ajax to give up his freedom--to become bound to her, and to bind herself to him and to the community.