become broad

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Three hundred days in the year, at least, he crossed over to the hotel in Furnival's Inn for his dinner, and after dinner crossed back again, to make the most of these simplicities until it should become broad business day once more, with P.
Though 'digital in enterprise' is a nascent phenomenon, our study suggests that it shall become broad based over the next five to seven years," said Kapil Dev Singh, Principal Research Analyst and CEO of Coeus Age.
The concept of re-enrollment has become broad, offering many capabilities for bettering a plan.
In addition, Salvo said, markets will become broad and shallow, requiring mass customization enabled by the pervasive networking of machines and objects, offering opportunity to those who are creative and have access to the tools of innovation.
And if so, will Spring Street finally become Broad City?
He returned to Birmingham a decade later to live in a mansion on the country lane to Halesowen, later to become Broad Street.
"We have become broad health care ambassadors," he says.
Patel then miscued an attempted pull to become Broad's second victim in as many overs at the start of his spell.
Become broad minded and open to new ideas, so you can surround yourself with positive people who have set and achieved their goals.
Identify what you want to change about your behaviour and that of others, and become broad minded and open to new ideas.
He writes that "decisions over the form, content, and place of learning have become broad political issues involving many legitimate participants beyond teachers and students in the classrooms" (p.
The silences between the notes become broad and inclusive, creating a code of neurolinguistic experience.