become conscious

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And experiences of the same kind are necessary for the individual to become conscious of himself; but here there is the difference that, although everyone becomes equally conscious of his body as a separate and complete organism, everyone does not become equally conscious of himself as a complete and separate personality.
Sometimes, sitting with me on the terrace of the hotel, he would become conscious that she was walking in the road outside.
Yes, I said; but small and great are comparative terms, and all these things, in the misery and evil which they inflict upon a State, do not come within a thousand miles of the tyrant; when this noxious class and their followers grow numerous and become conscious of their strength, assisted by the infatuation of the people, they choose from among themselves the one who has most of the tyrant in his own soul, and him they create their tyrant.
Presently they all return, and wait for him to become conscious that they will all be glad to get rid of him.
About an hour before he had become conscious, and after vague, vacant looks around him, had muttered something about "a letter," which he presently repeated impatiently.
When Captain MacWhirr came out on deck, which he did brusquely, as though he had suddenly become conscious of having stayed away too long, the calm had lasted already more than fifteen minutes -- long enough to make itself intolerable even to his imagination.
That is very good," said Miss Tita, as if she had become conscious that her own question might have looked overreaching.
It was only by seeing your mistake that I have become conscious of my own.
At these moments he would become conscious that his ideas were sometimes in a tangle and that he was very weak; for two days he had scarcely tasted food.
He soon become conscious that he was not alone even in his most individual and isolated experiments.
But he had hardly become conscious of this curious phenomenon, when another recollection suddenly swam through his brain, interesting him for the moment, exceedingly.
As the concentrated expression returned to his forehead, he seemed to become conscious that it was in hers too.