become conscious of

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And experiences of the same kind are necessary for the individual to become conscious of himself; but here there is the difference that, although everyone becomes equally conscious of his body as a separate and complete organism, everyone does not become equally conscious of himself as a complete and separate personality.
Yes, I said; but small and great are comparative terms, and all these things, in the misery and evil which they inflict upon a State, do not come within a thousand miles of the tyrant; when this noxious class and their followers grow numerous and become conscious of their strength, assisted by the infatuation of the people, they choose from among themselves the one who has most of the tyrant in his own soul, and him they create their tyrant.
He said: "Over the past few years we have become conscious of the amount of plastics that are going to landfill and being thrown into the sea - to the extent that it is a danger to life in our oceans.
When our children become conscious of proper waste disposal, there will be more sanity in the society.
Also, I think everyone has become conscious of changing times and has inculcated a responsible sense in us," said the actress.
The painting, according to him, serves as a reminder for people to become conscious of their environment.
It is time for Muslims in France to become conscious of what is wrong" with the "Daesh" terror organisation, he added.
NOWSHERA CANTT -- Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has claimed that Imran Khan will become the next prime minister as voters have become conscious of their rights.
A selection of chapter titles are: The Greatness of Lance Armstrong; Madame Bovary; The Taboo Linked with Suicide Does Not Disappear Rapidly; Risk Assessment in Interpersonal Violence; Some Associative Contemplations on the Occasion of a Triple Suicide; Much Work to be Done to Become Conscious of our Deepest Desires; The Paranoid-schizoid Position of Melenie Klein; Better is the Enemy of Good; Courage and a Pioneering Spirit May Change Culture; and Ambivalences and Collusions in Relationships.
To question the term "Middle East" is to become conscious of the colonial history and the enduringly fierce economic and political competition, which is felt in every fact of life in the region.
Have you ever become conscious of every heavy heartbeat thudding through your chest?
According to Dr Caroline Leaf, our thinking--that is, our choice to reject or accept positive or negative information we become conscious of has a physical impact on our brains and our DNA.