become definite

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Should the Binay-Marcos tandem become definite, Honasan said he would support this formidable team.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As the prospects of a military coalition for an operation in Syria have become definite, following the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's gas attack that killed thousands of civilians near Damascus last week, there is discussion about what the goal of the military operation will be.
These abilities are comparable to muscles--only through exercise will they develop and become definite. A master craftsman or artist in any field can have some difficulty explaining how his or her work turned out so beautifully.
"We expect the result of the talks to become definite in the next few months in the comprehensive talks that have been continuing for three years.
Furthermore, although the ratification is being portrayed as a formality, firefighters cannot be blamed for protesting when told that an agreement they had thought was secure will not become definite until March.
For if Linna were writing, inter alia, in order to express his feeling about the war, he would not have had a definite idea of the difference of the two attitudes but an inchoate one which would have become definite in the course of his writing and for the realization of which he could not have adopted any |means'.
In a press conference, Marcos clarified that the postponement of the SK polls will only become definite once the Senate approves the bill on third and final reading.
Geneva summit could be the last gathering at which some certain issues could become definite," he said.
'There has been talk of a few possible moves but there is a long way to go before anything become definite,' said Angel.
Ban said they would meet in June or July, at a date that would become definite later and noted that some progress could be recorded on economy and EU within the scope of ongoing talks.
Fate of the headquarter will become definite at the NATO meeting.
The second and third will become definite at the end of a match between Abdi Zurnaci of Turkey and a Syrian wrestler this evening.