become detached

See: disengage
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A vulgar flaring paper adorned the walls, but it was blotched in places with mildew, and here and there great strips had become detached and hung down, exposing the yellow plaster beneath.
Officers attended the scene where a lorry's trailer had become detached.
A surfer who was taking part in a charity challenge just off the coast of Pensarn had become detached from his board and was drifting in the water.
op However, if a large area has become detached, microsurgery under general anaesthetic will be necessary.
Queen's hippopotamus mascot figure has become detached from his two-foot head after it mysteriously went missing from the club's JB McAlpine Pavilion.
It appeared the footrail had become detached from the Hero ride, while they waited in a queue to go on the ride.
His sail had become detached from his board and he was helpless in the choppy waters.
To quote Adita Chakrobarty quoting Gramsci in today's Guardian, "At a certain point in their historical lives, social classes become detached from their traditional parties.
A spokesman said: "Due to the high winds last week, one of our buoys from the River Mersey did become detached and washed ashore at Formby.
The man was using the application non-stop and after experiencing flashes had to undergo medical emergency treatment when his left retina had become detached.
Mitsubishi is recalling the vehicles because an air intake could become detached and fall on the heated engine, starting a fire.
Exhaust fumes from a generator, whose improvised exhaust and silencer system had become detached, had spread into the cabin where Kelly Webster, 36, and daughter Laura Thornton, on an Easter boating holiday, were asleep.