become disheartened

See: languish
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There is often great resistance to psychodynamic work in the public sector and many therapists working in these contexts become disheartened by the difficulties encountered.
Along with Jamaal, who has been excellent since coming back, we have to make sure we are helping the young lads along because it is easy to become disheartened.
Minister Bannister remarked that throughout recent years a trend has developed in which many have become disheartened, dispassionate and disillusioned in an environment of mediocrity at extraordinary levels.
Because if we become disheartened, our families will be affected.
Much has been made of the fact that the composer seems to have become disheartened, abandoning the work after the section that is itself a celebration of birth.
If you put in IIMMS (incident management and monitoring system) for relatives' or patients' aggressive or threatening behaviours, nothing comes of it, so a lot of staff become disheartened and believe we have to tolerate this kind of behaviour.
On the other hand, the diligent and the smart students who refuse cheating sulk, become disheartened, and lose motivation as they feel that the less deserving might get better grades than them, simply by cheating.
it LINDA WRIGHT Because people want 'quick results'' which are unrealistic and they become disheartened.
The real secret of success is not to become disheartened by failure.
Up until then he admits he was starting to become disheartened by PE lessons as he struggled to keep up.