become enforceable

See: accrue, arise
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Despite stating numerous times that the final dates and implementation depends on the finance minister's discretion, representatives of several investment management companies were adamant to know, or at least have a reliable indication of when the gazetted law will actually become enforceable law.
That's the key difference between a Senate bill and a resolution: Bills become enforceable law, whereas resolutions are statements of will or belief passed by a body to express a consensus of opinion.
Subject to the invalidation process, arbitral awards made under the new Law acquire the force of res judicata and become enforceable.
But I have been told that the new traffic regulations have been legally sealed, which means they will become enforceable from June 27.
News of their arrangement comes eight months after the Supreme Court ruled pre-nuptials would become enforceable under British divorce law.
These certificates become enforceable first liens against the real estate.
A trial was unlikely to take place before the end of the year when the right to freedom of expression was due to become enforceable under British law, enshrined under the European Charter of Human Rights.
He is anxious to build on IBAS's achievements and the development of a close relationship with the Gambling Commission, before betting contracts become enforceable in law under the new act.
A leading Midlands lawyer is predicting that meetings with a solicitor prior to marriage could become as commonplace as those with a vicar should prenuptial agreements become enforceable.
It will bring the number of countries implementing the treaty to the 30 required for it to become enforceable worldwide.
On June 16, 2002, the new fire extinguisher standard, NOM-104-STPS-2001, will become enforceable.
After reviewing the comments and making necessary changes to the final documents, the revised SRTPs will become enforceable.