become familiar with

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References in classic literature ?
He had been close to it and become familiar with it.
Gradgrind - she begged pardon, she meant to say Miss Bounderby - she hoped to be excused, but she really could not get it right yet, though she trusted to become familiar with it by and by - had assumed her present position.
Edward Freely, who had become familiar with the most luxuriant and dazzling beauty in the West Indies.
Devoting each weekly Torah portion to the exclusive commentary of a different individual scholar, Masters of the World allows the reader to become familiar with a wide variety of commentators through presenting a significant portion of each one's work.
I become familiar with Sennebogen green machines early on in my career and when I heard that the line might be available to us here at Howell Tractor, I immediately got the ball rolling," Tom Ellis, general manager of Howell Tractor, says.
Thus they become familiar with the concept of heart spirituality.
Become familiar with the signs of steroid use and the legal consequences for possession and distribution.
Cross-train to become familiar with, or certified in, multiple acquisition career fields
to become familiar with other cultures and gain indispensable skills for future assignments.
For taxpayers not meeting these strict requirements, a reduced exclusion may be available if safe harbors are met; CPAs should become familiar with these rules.
This text would be of interest to students wishing to become familiar with jazz playing in a structured and sequential manner, with the help of supplemental theoretical study.
An educational picturebook excellent for helping very young people become familiar with libraries and how to use them.