become familiar with

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References in classic literature ?
He had been close to it and become familiar with it.
Gradgrind - she begged pardon, she meant to say Miss Bounderby - she hoped to be excused, but she really could not get it right yet, though she trusted to become familiar with it by and by - had assumed her present position.
Edward Freely, who had become familiar with the most luxuriant and dazzling beauty in the West Indies.
During the visit, Uzbekistan specialists will become familiar with experience in municipal water supply and sewerage services, quality assurance, accounting, billing and public services, water resources reuse, water treatment and water safety.
Public and private sector in Tajikistan will become familiar with WTO trade defense instruments as part of the seminar, scheduled for May 6-7 in Dushanbe, according to the International Trade Centre (ITC).
The technology will help machines become familiar with a user's voice, with the ultimate goal that it can understand, speak and behave like a human.
Syrian Drama has also attracted the attention of the Egyptian people who became familiar with the Syrian dialect."He pointed out to the huge budget allocated to dramatic production in Syria which ranges from SYP 2, 5 to 8 billions (1USD = about 47 SYP).Editor-in-Chief of the Jordanian cultural magazine Taiki, Basma Nassour hailed the developed level of Syrian drama, saying that the Syrian series proved an unignorable presence."Syrian drama is at the pinnacle of its prosperity." Nassour considered that the great success and spread of the Syrian drama indicate that those who created it worked in a collective way to make it a success to the extent that people in most of the Arab countries have now become familiar with the Syrian dialect.Ruaa al-Jazaeri/Haifa
Watch manager Craig Whitfield said: "Every single watch will do at least one visit so that they become familiar with these buildings and the checks that need to be carried out on the dry risers and other fire safety measures."
Has a large territory with room for growth.Owner will stay during transition time and will cooperate to help new buyer become familiar with the clients and their needs.Tx returns 2008 show $147.969.00 income and net net profit to owner : $ 83.670.00.
This new self-study course will help you understand deal factors and become familiar with due diligence procedures and transaction documentation.
They have become familiar with our work product and appreciate that our firm provides a different level of insight for their cases.
Devoting each weekly Torah portion to the exclusive commentary of a different individual scholar, Masters of the World allows the reader to become familiar with a wide variety of commentators through presenting a significant portion of each one's work.