become firm

References in classic literature ?
Dorothy Gale had several times visited the Emerald City and experienced adventures in the Land of Oz, so that she and Ozma had now become firm friends.
The little dog smelled of the Tiger's nose, and the Tiger politely shook paws with him; so they were quite likely to become firm friends.
In that case her tottering faith would have become firm again.
I am pleased the proposals will not become firm intentions before more public consultation It is important for most of us to get involved.
He also got a "well done" phone call from Elton John - and the pair have gone on to become firm friends.
4 Barbecue the prawns over medium hot coals for 3-4 minutes, turning them occasionally, until they have become firm and opaque.
The organisation is about to fold and because we have become firm friends we will carry on seeing each other.
A source said: "Arturo and Oscar have become firm friends.
CHAMPION boxer Carl Froch has become firm favourite with the bookies to win the BBC's new celebrity gymnastics show Tumble which premiered last night.
We look forward to sharing information with our community should any new plans become firm.
Clearly, despite the Queen banning the immaculately groomed Cambridge family pet from her Sandringham home, the pair have become firm friends.
The two have become firm friends in recent years, after Cowell recruited the 'Inside Little Britain' actor for the judging panel of Britain's Got Talent.