become flexible

See: give, yield
References in classic literature ?
Not a rich flower upon her head, not a single leaf, but had had its prototype in Drowne's wooden workmanship, although now their fragile grace had become flexible, and was shaken by every footstep that the wearer made.
Hotel chains such as Citymax are expected to benefit from their Indian clientele, Podaras said, and would be likely to become flexible with rates.
The college and Pattinson have also teamed up with Job Centre Plus to help those at threat of redundancy or unemployed for less than 12 months to become flexible self employed workers for the estate agents.
If banks are willing to relent and become flexible, both parties can reach a negotiated settlement.
Now with regular exercises my body has become flexible.
Suzanne added: "More and more Freestyle is working on strategies to help companies adapt their website and online communication models - there is a clearly a move by many organisations to rationalise their online presence to become flexible, collaborative and leaner, and we have some good case studies of how companies can achieve return on their investment from their websites".
Maoist Parliamentary Party Deputy leader Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said that his party was not in favour of delaying the formation of a new government and that his party would become flexible for the same.
Trust officials said today the solutions allowed training and learning to become flexible and enjoyable for users and it was now planning to set up a clinical trials unit at Russells Hall Hospital in the near future.
Earlier Thursday, Senior Vice Foreign Minister Masatoshi Abe also said North Korea appears to have become flexible about security concerns.
WITH job security a growing issue for many workers in the region, it's time to become flexible in your approach to the job market.
Researchers say this helps them become flexible and diplomatic, skills that can help them become successful managers in later life.
Yoga is a series of postures, or positions, which are designed to allow the body to become flexible, strong and relaxed.