become flexible

See: give, yield
References in classic literature ?
Not a rich flower upon her head, not a single leaf, but had had its prototype in Drowne's wooden workmanship, although now their fragile grace had become flexible, and was shaken by every footstep that the wearer made.
The objective is to become flexible and agile so that we significantly improve the speed at which we are able to respond to the marketplace.
Clearly some of the things I was adamant about would become flexible in the event of my not being around to enforce them.
How can you teach children to become flexible in their lives?
* Karina DeLen and Cynthia Rodriguez, the district's kindergarten through-third-grade biliteracy teachers, to provide students with visual supports to help them improve their math skills and become flexible mathematical thinkers.
They need to move on from being financial product companies with "brick and mortar" processes to become flexible design labs.
Heflich draws on his forty year career in the food industry and his own experience in turning around a large, failing manufacturing facility, to provide readers with the necessary tools to become flexible leaders who can strike a dynamic, changeable balance both in and out of the workplace.
The real-time insights enabled by SAP for Banking solutions, combined with Axxiome Digital as an intelligent digitalization platform, will allow the bank to become flexible and nimble.
We were told that, to meet the requirements of nursing, we must become flexible and resilient.
Sawiris said Pakistan needs to become flexible and adopt laws that favour investment.
We are proud of our judicial system that protects rights and freedoms as well as of the efforts being exerted to enhance its efficiency to become flexible and responsive to the current world developments so as to facilitate litigation proceedings and enhance the successes achieved by our state as an attractive haven for businesses, tourism and investment.
Russell Owen, head of agency at Chestertons Middle East and North Africa, says that while landlords have become flexible with the price and the number of cheques, the main freehold areas such as Downtown and Dubai Marina continue to sustain high demand.