become free

See: escape
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The Eagles pair are among a crop of players due to become free agents next summer.
During Passover, Jews are reminded of how, more than 3000 years ago, their ancestors emerged from slavery to become free men and women.
He added that the hospital has a different medical tools and medicines to treat the wounded elements of the Daash, pointing out that the zone become free from Daash elements after a two-day combing operations.
When we become free from the restrictions of the EU next Thursday the sky is the limit for us all, but only if we have a council with a will to help.
NNA - The infected zone with Bird Flu virus in the town of Nabi Sheet is to remain under quarantine for seventy two hours to make sure they become free from said bird flu virus, Agriculture Ministry Media and Public Relations Bureau said on Saturday.
We will become free to spend our own money, by our own UK democratic choices, and freed from their petty interfering regulations.
Tracey Commins TOP TREND: Parking at Northumberland country parks is set to become free.
Former Downing Street pensions adviser Ros Altmann says the service should be in place by April, when people become free to spend their pension pots.
Securing the survival of the club comes first but Locke wants attention paid to the fact the likes of Jamie MacDonald, Jamie Hamill, Dylan McGowan and Jason Holt will become free agents this summer.
FREEPHONE numbers are to become free from mobiles under a major overhaul to make telephone call charges and dialling codes clearer, regulator Ofcom has confirmed.
While I would have gladly given way to the driver, I had to wait for the right lane to become free.
We unscrewed one side of the top of the window to provide the space for the teenager to become free.