become fully developed

See: mature
References in classic literature ?
In countries where modern civilisation has become fully developed, a new class of petty bourgeois has been formed, fluctuating between proletariat and bourgeoisie and ever renewing itself as a supplementary part of bourgeois society.
Aziz said that the policy would ensure that NIN of the minor was linked with that of his/her parents or guardian until their biometric features become fully developed.
Should all the sites become fully developed the total potential capital expenditure, which includes land and infrastructure, is estimated to be around 800 million over a 10 year period.
If you're new to teaching, a mentor can help in giving ideas to start you off, and over time, your curriculum will become fully developed on your own.
Independent thinking and originality only become fully developed at a later stage of education.
Syria has become fully developed to implement reforms and democratic changes," Russia Today website quoted Bogdanov as saying in a radio interview.
He also said Vision 2030 makes provision for education and training and these are listed as playing a critical role in achieving the vision and milestones for the country on its road to become fully developed.
Found lacking, The Fox's Jill Banford, The Captain's Doll's Evangeline Hepburn, and The Lost Girl's Clariss Houghton and Miss Frost must be killed off so that the protagonists can become fully developed and self-possessed.
It will take hundreds of years to become fully developed and that makes it a very exciting time for disability sport both to watch and take part.
A female louse lays up to three to five eggs a day, which will individually take seven to 10 days to become fully developed lice.
As surface water resources become fully developed and appropriated," the report says, "groundwater commonly offers the only available source for new development.
In the individuated person, the various elements of the personality are not only fully developed but are brought together in harmony As the individual becomes aware of and expresses these unconscious facets they themselves become fully developed.