become greater

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The early differences would be very slight; in the course of time, from the continued selection of swifter horses by some breeders, and of stronger ones by others, the differences would become greater, and would be noted as forming two sub-breeds; finally, after the lapse of centuries, the sub-breeds would become converted into two well-established and distinct breeds.
Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow.
When you are in a close environment and everyone is working alongside each other, the risk does become greater of someone else catching it but these seem to be isolated cases.
The Pars Empire ruled over significant portions of what would become Greater Iran.
The daily wear and tear on our roads, highways and bridges as well as the constant repairs and dire need for improvements to reduce commute times will only become greater as California's resurging economy adds jobs and traffic increases," according to ACEC California's Executive Director Brad Diede.
He said that the effects would become greater on Friday and cover the entire Kingdom before receding on Monday.
Representatives of the Islamic Religious Community still say that there is still great interest in this standard and in the future its implementation is expected to become greater.
According to owner Wendy Beck, "We are finding that as the incidence of head lice continues to become greater, we are getting demands from families all over the country for our service.
SWORD OF DARKNESS Show me the light that I might see, Those brave lost souls of liberty, Faceless foes sworn to avenge, By murder, mayhem, human revenge, When called, it is duty, honour and faith, For justice, to salute and to pray, Before the flag, for the union true, Life and death, for red, white and blue, Who is the foe, the human portent, Named and shamed by our government, Driven to destroy this evil dictator, Ravage, kill, to become greater, Over; destruction rife, corrupt, awry, Leaves internal conflict, for still they die, Women and children too, in innocence, Starved, homeless, in fear, it's indecent, Freedom can never be for one and all, Conflict can't resolve, nor does in enthrall, War is endless, leaving evil starkness, Once man imposes the sword of darkness.
said the pharmacy school will help to reverse the significant shortage of pharmacists in West Virginia, which ranks among the top 10 percent of states in unmet pharmacist demand--a shortage that is likely to become greater as the state's population ages and more pharmacists are needed as their practice role evolves in outpatient care centers, large specialty practices, nursing care facilities, and rural health clinics and care centers.
Mothers have always been the harshest of judges, both of themselves and of others, it's just that the intensity has become greater.
I'VE lived in close proximity to Lindley Moor for 50 years and I've seen the traffic flow become greater and greater.