become habituated

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If radio stations don't have a strategy for smart speakers, they risk being left out as people become habituated to what they ask their smart speakers to do for them.
The people become habituated and dependent on various types of device.
This is especially true of insurance, which as an industry has become habituated to protracted rather than timely tech adoption.
Citizens do not so much learn this political virtue as become habituated in it through beatings, real and metaphorical.
Working in a co-working space in Bangalore, however, you can become habituated to working with the offices opening hours, and develop a healthier work routine.
I have seen many young men and women given an antidepressant for the very painful, but ordinary, romantic break-ups characteristic of this phase of life, who then become habituated to the drug.
Five or six years ago, customers didn't expect websites to adapt around them, but since then they have become habituated to the customized experiences delivered by companies such as Netflix and Amazon, Anderson says.
For years after his release from the "cowshed," he found it difficult to cope with many everyday tasks such as handling a simple purchase with a shop clerk; during months on end as a prisoner, he had become habituated to "staring at the ground wherever I went and being cursed and threatened.
In general, people watch programs and program types that they have become habituated to.
3a] All the senses, all the organs, all the moral or physical parts of man, which can become habituated and capable, and can acquire any faculty, are provided with memory.
It's a vice because we become habituated to it; it's as if we are accustomed to pursuing fancier stuff even when it's clearly unnecessary and the old stuff works fine.
There are many crocodiles which have become habituated to humans close to the various tourist areas on Kariba and along the Zambezi.