become habituated

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Wesley saw all of these as means of grace and encouraged the Christian to become habituated in practicing all of them in a balanced way.
People gradually become habituated to the drug, obtaining one refill after another and persuading their doctors to approve ever-larger doses.
Chief among them is WTK leaders' material construction projects and manipulation of politico-spatial relationships--including the maintenance of legible landscapes with somewhat strict territorial control, as well as the construction of physical symbols of Thai modernity for the Hmong to frequently see and become habituated to.
The consequence is that at the end of 2013, dozens of Dutch jihadists have become habituated to extreme violence and have become radicalized in their intolerant and violent ideological orientation," the agency said.
Although bobcats are by nature fearful of people, they can become habituated to people if they learn to associate humans with food from garbage, cat food, or whatever else someone leaves out that's good to eat.
Bears that become habituated to humans often become nuisances, causing property damage and creating other problems.
Once you become habituated to procrastination, you have a new can of worms to fry, which derails you off of intentions.
If we get what we want, we quickly become habituated and stop valuing the very thing we thought was so important, says Shawn Achor, a happiness researcher and the author of Before Happiness.
The human mind can become habituated to even the most amazing things over time," says Tweed.
It's not always easy to suddenly stop behaviours that have become habituated in our daily activities.
Thus, the reality of al-Qaeda's operational, organizational, and popular decline has not yet diminished the perception of existential threat that has become habituated across the American elite and public, much as Cold War thinking did previously.
All this while average citizens suffer bear problems and the bears become habituated to suburban life.