become impaired

See: degenerate
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Talking to media, he said this vital decision would save the crisis-hit basic textile industry in Pakistan where 40 percent capacity of spinning, weaving and processing mills has become impaired, closed and inoperative.
Should BDNF-induced GR phosphorylation become impaired, appropriate turnover of dendritic spines to durable stress or excess glucocorticoids may be inhibited thus setting the stage for neural network wiring defects and development of neuropsychiatric disorders.
the possibility that our goodwill could become impaired in the near term which would result in a non-cash charge and could adversely affect our reported GAAP operating results;
Consequently, their ability to sense and respond to new opportunities become impaired (think Kodak).
This increases the firm's ROE and future executive bonuses, but at an increased risk that the firm will ultimately and prematurely become impaired.
The company reviewed its policy in estimating slow moving inventory to more accurately value inventory that may have become impaired or obsolete due to advancing technology or changes in demand of product by some customers.
When the researchers later examined all of the rats' blood-brain barriers, they found that the obese rats' blood-brain barriers had become impaired as they allowed a much larger amount of a dye that does not freely cross the blood-brain barrier into the hippocampus than did blood-brain barriers of the non-obese rats.
At which estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) does the body's natural compensatory mechanisms become impaired and phosphate levels rise considerably?
If you go too far, your judgment can become impaired and you could end up doing or saying things TOP you regret.
In recent years, and despite many eye operations, Frank's vision has increasingly become impaired, leaving him unable to read music easily.
If you have diabetes, your blood circulation and the nerve supply to your feet can become impaired.
Her memory and understanding have become impaired and Nicola has to stay with her constantly as Izzie gets confused and frightened.