become impaired

See: degenerate
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The lake has become impaired by excess turbidity, recent blue-green algae blooms and fish kills in the lake, which has increased its priority for rehabilitation.
Consider naming someone younger, because someone your age or older could become impaired at the same time you do, says Carolyn Rosenblatt, an elder-law attorney in San Rafael, California, who runs AgingParents.
Due in large part to nitrogen in the treated sewage from the Bay Park plant, the Western Bays has become impaired by significant blooms of macro-algae and other related water quality impacts, such a low dissolved oxygen.
Stop-issuance trigger events prohibit further issuance under the Programme should the Servicer's ability to perform its obligations - including servicing the PF facilities - become impaired.
There is no science showing that drivers reliably become impaired at a specific level of marijuana in the blood.
He said this crucial decision would save the crisis-hit textile industry of Pakistan where 40% capacity of spinning, weaving and processing mills has become impaired, closed and inoperative.
Talking to media, he said this vital decision would save the crisis-hit basic textile industry in Pakistan where 40 percent capacity of spinning, weaving and processing mills has become impaired, closed and inoperative.
preferred securities may become impaired ahead of a bank's failure and
Ravdin says when people are aware that their memory and thinking skills have become impaired, they may try to compensate for their deficits.
Consequently, their ability to sense and respond to new opportunities become impaired (think Kodak).
This increases the firm's ROE and future executive bonuses, but at an increased risk that the firm will ultimately and prematurely become impaired.
The company reviewed its policy in estimating slow moving inventory to more accurately value inventory that may have become impaired or obsolete due to advancing technology or changes in demand of product by some customers.