become inactive

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He deplored that the institution acting as a guarantor of the agreement had become inactive.
Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK) which leads the three party alliances, has suddenly become inactive and dormant, without any major political activities planned in all the eight districts of the North and East, where their candidates are contesting.
It is believed that because they had not questioned about these and had become inactive, such incorrect decisions were made.
Akram Durrani explained that cardiac patients and patients with high blood pressure and diabetes face complications in winter mainly because they become inactive and do not do any exercise and as a result their bodies do not lose salts.
However, after the surgery, when the insurance company was contacted, we were informed that my policy had become inactive from April 9, 2017.
She also said that in extreme heat, the brain cells stop working or become inactive and eventually human body
In July, policyholders--many of whom had been offered money from the claims review but had yet to respond --received letters that their cases would become inactive if they did not contact FEMA by July 31.
At a time when all men of the family had been incarcerated by the Musharraf regime and the party's leaders had either gone into hiding or become inactive, she came out all alone and, as the PML-N president, led a campaign that mobilised the activists and eventually forced the government to release her family.
About the possible triggers for mid-life stressors in modern living, she said: "The problems come when people reach [what can be called] the 'stagnation' point and therefore they tend to be become inactive in their life.
2154504) the newspaper about his father's move to become inactive.
All the food safety projects that are being implemented by a number of ministries become inactive once products are smuggled," the Minister warned, reminding that the Lebanese agricultural products cover local needs and provide a surplus for exportation.
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, who had withdrawn from NA-110 in favor of the PTI candidate during the last general elections, said that ideological workers may become inactive at times but they wouldn change loyalty.