become inactive

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But some HIV-infected cells become inactive before the virus replicates.
The HESCO customers' centres have become inactive; he said and added that instead to address the complaints of customers, the HESCO staff discontinuing the power connections of the complainants.
If he was to become inactive, as his resignation seems to indicate, then the opposition's chances of launching a movement at all, let alone it succeeding, would be correspondingly reduced.
A move above 2800 would be required to see the bearish pattern become inactive.
"It's not a small decision to become inactive," he said.
Until after the ruling, scheduled for April 30, all government departments had become inactive and leaving port would not be possible, CNA reported.
They communicate less, stay home, become inactive, and start to disregard their mental and physical health.
When the virus is exposed to air, it will quickly dry up and become inactive. Once it will be inactive, it would never be active again.
Many leaders have become inactive since the party has been unable to give them any work or responsibility.
In addition, Fitch has withdrawn the Long-Term rating of HSH's USD15 billion debt issuance programme because the programme has become inactive and is no longer considered by Fitch to be relevant to the agency's coverage.
Oregonians can become inactive voters after being mailed a ballot or other election material that is returned as undeliverable; not voting or registering in 10 years or as few as five years in some counties; if their ballot has been challenged; or if they're imprisoned on a felony conviction.
'In fact, LTFRB has just completed the online registration of 10,000 new cars in addition to the master list, with plans to open registration for TNVS applicants for those slots in the master list which have become inactive,' it said in a statement.