become inactive

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He also asked his fellow Yadav caste men to stay alert and united, saying "If Yadavs become inactive they are only as good as straw but if they awaken, they are lions.
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, who had withdrawn from NA-110 in favor of the PTI candidate during the last general elections, said that ideological workers may become inactive at times but they wouldn change loyalty.
If libraries close, older library users will not have a library to walk to, could become inactive, socially isolated and require home care.
Google introduced a similar system of "digital heirs" in 2013, allowing users to decide what will happen with users' data after they pass away or become inactive for some time.
He explained that cardiac patients and patients with high blood pressure and diabetes face complications in winter mainly because they become inactive and do not do any exercise and as a result their bodies do not lose salts.
In this state, the dormice become inactive and show a marked decrease in their metabolic rate, causing their body temperature to reduce.
Even its booth- level workers had become inactive or had defected to other parties.
This study, unlike the Princeton study that looked primarily at Google searches for "Facebook," looked at sites that have grown, as well as those that suffered attrition, and analyzed various user trends like how likely active members were to become inactive, what role members played in getting others to join the site, and what role advertising played in increasing the site's traffic.
There's always room for improvements in e-commerce: keeping costs low, reducing spikes in customer complaints, monitoring and preventing fraudulent customers; all while converting more new customers, getting them to spend more, keep coming back and then reactivating those that have become inactive.
But when they hibernate their brains become inactive as their temperature drops from 35C to a chilly 10C; a drop that would simply kill non-hibernating animals like the squirrel.
after URCS support is concluded, others become inactive.
Research points to the fact that inactive children often become inactive adults, with those in poorer areas at greater risk.