become informed

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It will be difficult or impossible for older people who cannot afford a TV licence to become informed about the major public issues that impact on their daily lives, and to engage in the democratic process and debate.
"This award recognizes Florida Blue Foundation's unwavering commitment to helping Florida's adult literacy and ESOL students become informed health advocates for themselves and their families," said Greg Smith, executive director of FLC.
Globe Telecom has joined Plan International in enhancing the cyber safety skills of children, the youth, and their parents in order for them to become informed, responsive, and responsible digital citizens who act in ways that protect their individual well-being and are respectful toward other people.
3) Help citizens, economic and political actors to become informed ocean advocates and actors of change for ocean protection and a more sustainable use of ocean resources;
She revealed that some 70 digital economy experts have come together for the talks, saying that such events provide an opportunity to become informed of the latest research in that field.
If Michelle Obama were truly interested in a better America, she would not advocate voting even when you "know nothing about nothing." She would instead challenge Americans to become informed before voting.
NANB provides specific information on RN/LPN collaboration, assignment of patients and delegation in the Guidelines forIntraprofessional Collaboration: Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses Working Together document (http:// Become informed. Ask questions.
It means we must educate our youth much better so that they can become informed voters.
The NSPCC also held a parent workshop after school to help parents become informed about how to help children keep safe in our fast changing world.
There is a need for US citizens and persons with US investments to become informed about the new US tax laws and their US tax filing obligations.
Goldfinger examines psychological testing in different arenas to help students become informed and thoughtful test consumers, whether they are taking a psychological test themselves or using tests to make decisions about others.
Citizens will become informed as to the actual role of the police and, in return, the police will benefit from the wealth of knowledge the citizens can give about their community.