become informed

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Citizens will become informed as to the actual role of the police and, in return, the police will benefit from the wealth of knowledge the citizens can give about their community.
As the Minister seeks to become informed about all of the ongoing programmes under his Ministry, he has engaged in meetings that span the various aspects of his portfolio, including discussions with department directors, vendors and those with special interests, such as environmentalists.
Also, the Saudi al-Hayat newspaper reported that the delegation has been sent to Afrin to become informed of the latest achievements gained by the army and its allies after the recent Syria peace talks in Astana as well as the field situation in the town and Northern Aleppo after Turkey's recent threats.
com/clinton-electoral-college-russian-hacking-2016-12) has supported that effort to help electors become informed on whether or not Russia tipped the electoral scales in favor of her opponent.
Hopefully, as time goes on, more people will become informed and will take extra precautions to protect themselves and their families.
If more Americans become informed voters, especially young voters, they'll be able to outnumber the uninformed ones.
Stoliecki was nominated for her commitment to student success and helping students engage and become informed citizens.
The book is organized in such a way that readers slowly become informed of the major theoretical traditions basic to urban social psychology.
Civic Education Award has been created by Centre for Civic Education Pakistan to honour educationalists and institutions, who contribute towards preparing young people to become informed and active citizens by inculcating in them civic values and enhancing their civic competencies.
Older adults facing these challenges can best meet them head-on if they become informed and proactive.
From there, app users can block the call and report the number to Whitepages so other users become informed.
I ask you, however, to become informed before making any contact with anyone from Congress.