become involved with

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The main aim of this project was to see disengaged pupils who had become involved with anti-social behaviour or were on the verge of becoming involved, fulfil their potential and become positive community members as well as excellent pupils.
The information has been specifically written for people new to rugby league to provide a clear explanation of different areas of the game they may wish to become involved with.
Peter Elliott, of Azure Charitable Enterprises, said: "This is a great opportunity for schools to become involved with Cafe Azure.
Perhaps a few of us have the talent to write some good screenplays and create a hit series about an admirable otolaryngologist, but for those of us with less writing talent, at the very least we should become involved with the political process, both monetarily and personally.
Falkner is a grippingly written horror novella depicting the tale of Seth and Anne Landon who become involved with a peculiar and rustic hotel in northern Wisconsin as it becomes the site of terrifying happenings.
That number is likely to increase still further as more local youngsters become involved with the sport.
Typically, multiple community partners including schools, municipal officials and parents become involved with Safe Routes.
"We are very pleased to become involved with GHG and these spectacular assets."
* Urge community leader's and service providers (doctor s/nurses/hospital workers/librarians) to become involved with school projects around issues of hunger and nutrition.
SCOTTISH football's new 'Godfather' Sir Alex Ferguson and the SFA will this week try to finalise a formula that will allow Hibs boss Alex McLeish to become involved with the national team.
And sure enough, soon Jane opens up and reveals that she's become involved with one of the players.
Contrary to popular belief, the study found that Vietnamese youth who reject their Asian identity and find it difficult to adopt an American identity are not more likely than other Vietnamese youth to become involved with gangs.