become known

References in classic literature ?
Nevertheless, liberality exercised in a way that does not bring you the reputation for it, injures you; for if one exercises it honestly and as it should be exercised, it may not become known, and you will not avoid the reproach of its opposite.
He had been in quite a number of miscellaneous fights, and in some general barroom rows that had become known to the police.
In the meantime, however, it had become known in some way throughout the car who I was.
And whether Raleigh first came into Queen Elizabeth's notice in this manner or not, after he did become known to her, he soon rose in her favor.
That my poor services to Dejah Thoris had become known to the Heliumites was evidenced by the loud crying of my name, and by the loads of ornaments that were fastened upon me and my huge thoat as we passed up the avenues to the palace, for even in the face of the ferocious appearance of Woola the populace pressed close about me.
He had not only become known, but people had grown accustomed to him and accepted him.
But in death her name will become known far beyond the shores of her native India still in shock over so grotesque a crime.
As a direct result of this operation all the outstanding armed robberies in the West Midlands Police Force area committed since 1973 which had become known as the 'Thursday Robberies' have been cleared.
Swansea could also become known for sounds, peculiar to itself.
The result was to become known as the 'Hardy House' and considered to be a true architectural gem and an example of Wright's 'organic architecture' concept.
The phenomenon that would eventually become known as Brownian motion defied some of Newton's deterministic laws of matter.
Charles and Ray used their experience of low cost, high quality plywood furniture to create what has now become known simply as the 'Eames Chair.