become known

References in classic literature ?
His love for my mother had never diminished, and his own ambition in life was to reach a point where he might wrest the metal from Tal Hajus himself, and thus, as ruler of the Tharks, be free to claim her as his own, as well as, by the might of his power, protect the child which otherwise would be quickly dispatched should the truth become known.
Probably he reasoned that with my greed for all manner of literature the bad would become known to me along with the good at any rate, and I had better know that he knew it.
Mr Nickleby, sir,' said brother Ned, 'the matter upon which my brother Charles called upon you this morning is one which is already perfectly well known to us three, and to others besides, and must unhappily soon become known to a great many more.
I would do this rather, I would bring Dingaan and Umslopogaas together, that Umslopogaas might become known in the land as a great chief and the first of warriors.
The usual reason is merely that wishes are all, to begin with, unconscious, and only become known when they are actively noticed.
More than once she thought of going away from him during his absence at the mill; but she feared that this, instead of benefiting him, might be the means of hampering and humiliating him yet more if it should become known.
But in death her name will become known far beyond the shores of her native India still in shock over so grotesque a crime.
As a direct result of this operation all the outstanding armed robberies in the West Midlands Police Force area committed since 1973 which had become known as the 'Thursday Robberies' have been cleared.
Swansea could also become known for sounds, peculiar to itself.
Charles and Ray used their experience of low cost, high quality plywood furniture to create what has now become known simply as the 'Eames Chair.
But what if the woollen jacket had become known by one of the Earl's other names, which were James Thomas Brudenell?
Taize grew into a monastic community that has become known for its meditative style of prayer and for the throngs of youth who come from all over the world as pilgrims.