become larger

References in classic literature ?
Colbert's large head seemed to become larger and larger than ever.
Some become larger capitalists; some go into the professions; the rest spend the money and start rotting when it's gone, and if it lasts their life-time their children do the rotting for them.
The group had already become larger, the town-clerk's presence being a guarantee that something worth listening to was going on there; and Mr.
According to the company, as freight ships have become larger carrying increasingly standardised freight units and the passenger traffic from Esbjerg was closed in 2014, the current terminal operation in Esbjerg is no longer competitive.
Newton has become larger than life, he lives on in his students and athletes and thus becomes immortal.
The smart material detects small cracks and heals itself before they become larger and impact on the car's structural rigidity.
As the juvenile fish become larger they will, naturally, spread out to other nearby areas where they will be a legitimate target for fishermen who will, eventually, benefit from catching reasonably sized fish.
Cienas Blue Planet Analytics and Network Health Predictor (NHP) application provides utility companies with proactive network assurance of legacy networks by anticipating failures before they occur and taking action before they become larger issues.
Any unjustified bid to raise the commodities' prices in the foreseeable future "will be met with firm measures by the ministry inspectors," he said explicitly warning wholesale and retail merchants and businessmen against hiking products' prices at pretext that fuel costs have become larger.
Over the past decade, Zaha Hadid's designs have become larger and ever-more complex--and they're proliferating all over the world, from Marseille to Macau.
has become larger thanks to the addition of a world-class dinosaur skeleton.
Touch screens could become larger and more flexible thanks to these transparent films made of silver nanowires.