become larger

References in classic literature ?
Colbert's large head seemed to become larger and larger than ever.
Some become larger capitalists; some go into the professions; the rest spend the money and start rotting when it's gone, and if it lasts their life-time their children do the rotting for them.
The group had already become larger, the town-clerk's presence being a guarantee that something worth listening to was going on there; and Mr.
The thinking was that if you become larger in size, you necessarily will become exploitative and therefore your ability to dominate a market must be corrected at the very threshold.
has become larger thanks to the addition of a world-class dinosaur skeleton.
Aneta Stefanovska, one of the Lancaster University physics professors credited with inventing the system, said: "I am hoping we will build a database that will become larger and larger, so every person can be compared against it.
Lancaster University physicist Aneta Stefanovska, one of its developers, said: "I'm hoping we will build a database that will become larger and larger, so every person measured can be compared against it.
5 ( ANI ): A recent study by a US defense and security consultancy has revealed that Al Qaeda has by some measures become larger since the deadly 9/11 attack but has become less cohesive as its goals have shifted from attacking the American homeland to achieving narrower goals.
As round wire abrades due to the aggregate flow over and through the screen cloth, the openings become larger and the wire diameter becomes smaller.
This, an A road in the renaissance area, seems to be neglected or forgotten with numerous old utility excavations and a rumble area by the Thornton Lodge road bus stop - possibly as a result of sub standard repairs - and there are small holes on the pedestrian crossing which will eventually become larger.
It's probably not sufficient (to form an extra budget) only once,'' Okada said, indicating the second batch of expenditures may become larger than the first one.
For very small networks, this approach may cost more than alternatives, but it becomes more attractive as networks become larger and more complex.