become larger

References in classic literature ?
Colbert's large head seemed to become larger and larger than ever.
Some become larger capitalists; some go into the professions; the rest spend the money and start rotting when it's gone, and if it lasts their life-time their children do the rotting for them."
The group had already become larger, the town-clerk's presence being a guarantee that something worth listening to was going on there; and Mr.
The second version of the Tatra has become larger and heavier: now it weighs 3810 grams, its length is 62.4 centimeters, its width is 24 centimeters, and its height is 25 centimeters.
He said: "Part of the problem we had was not only that some renewal of the support and springing was required, but we are faced with people having become larger and heavier.
According to the company, as freight ships have become larger carrying increasingly standardised freight units and the passenger traffic from Esbjerg was closed in 2014, the current terminal operation in Esbjerg is no longer competitive.
Newton has become larger than life, he lives on in his students and athletes and thus becomes immortal."
The smart material detects small cracks and heals itself before they become larger and impact on the car's structural rigidity.
Summary: Bullwhip effect is the tendency of small variations in demand to become larger as their implications are transmitted backward through the supply-chain.
As the juvenile fish become larger they will, naturally, spread out to other nearby areas where they will be a legitimate target for fishermen who will, eventually, benefit from catching reasonably sized fish.
Yousef Al-Ali affirmed on Tuesday that enforcing new fuel prices as of September 1st would not "affect prices of all basic commodities." Any unjustified bid to raise the commodities' prices in the foreseeable future "will be met with firm measures by the ministry inspectors," he said explicitly warning wholesale and retail merchants and businessmen against hiking products' prices at pretext that fuel costs have become larger. In Al-Seddeeq district alone, the inspectors issued 372 citations related to trade fraud, expiry date and unreasonable hike of the rates, he said, "Till this moment, there has been no significant raise of the (necessities') prices, except for some cases," he added, re-affirming violators have been referred to the commercial prosecution.
Both regions will become larger users than Europe by 2035, IEA said in its World Energy Outlook 2015.