become less active

See: subside
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Speculative stocks tend to rise whenever the PSE index falls and when share prices of blue-chip stocks go up, speculative trading tends to become less active.
However, opposition groups have become less active and no longer as serious a threat to the Sissi regime as they used to be several years ago.
If you become less active, you are less than what you just ate, says Van Loon.
2) The passive phase - in this phase, the rate at which we spend usually slows down as spending on discretionary items like holidays drops and people may become less active.
As we age and become less active muscles become weaker and lose mass, which in turn affects balance, gait and the ability to perform everyday tasks.
Professor Mark Whiteley, renowned vascular expert and founder of The Whiteley Clinic, says: "While it's true that as you age and become less active you have a slightly higher risk of blood clots, some of the patients we see are in their 20s and 30s.
Since taking a break from the entertainment scene, she has also become less active on the internet.
The most highlighted explanation to the decrease in liquidity is that the market makers have become less active and thereby less willing than before to act as counterparts in buying and selling securities.
At The Gateway Family YMCA, we recognize that 7th grade is a pivotal time in youth development, where sports become more competitive and many teens begin to become less active," stated Krystal.
Fish feel the increased pressure and become less active, moving tighter to cover or deeper, where the sun isn't so bright.
Even an event such as retirement can affect memory, because the retiree may suddenly become less active mentally and physically.
The commercial fisheries and lakes do not colour up - in fact when the temperatures drop as they have, the fish become less active and the water becomes clearer.