become less rigid

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relations had become less rigid, thanks to talks between executives after the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the U.S.
"I think to some extent golf has become less rigid for young girls and indeed for new members but it may be we still have some way to go."The new vice-captain is Marjorie Griffiths of Ringway.
While dieters have become less rigid, Fehlig says the low carb market "still has a future."
Furthermore, in the past 15 years, the route to licensure has become less rigid and bureaucratic, In some states, dual systems of licensure--for" regular" and "alternative" routes--have emerged, sparking lively discussion among those who continue to be held to the "regular" requirements.
"As the service sector increases its dominance of economic activity, the borders of the nationstate become less rigid," he notes, and "virtually all service sectors are now more regionally...
Mainframe technology has also become less rigid, resembling big PCs that can act as servers, to provide a lot more flexibility than years ago.
These categories, however, will become less rigid and their boundaries will continue to blur.