become liable

See: guarantee
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The indenture amendments will permit the wind-up of JHCC into JHFS, pursuant to which JHFS will become liable in place of JHCC for the payment of all of the Notes and interest payments on the Notes.
A problem is likely to arise if the loss of rent insurance period expires and the property has not been reinstated, as the tenant will again become liable for the rent.
Richard Moon; Rugby clubs could become liable for the actions of players who punch opponent
However, when this platform is misused for workplace gossip, harassment or other such unpleasantness between staff, then employers themselves could become liable.
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), the potential Chinese partner of MG Rover, fears it could become liable for the pension deficit if MG Rover goes insolvent after it signs a joint venture deal with the company, reports said.
Gordon Brown said the pounds 263,000 threshold at which estates become liable for inheritance tax (IHT) would be raised to pounds 275,000 in April and to pounds 285,000 next year.
The point at which estates become liable could soar to pounds 3 million, according to The Daily Telegraph.
But as customers would become liable for bank charges, they would be better to phone and arrange an extended overdraft.
But in 1999, any surplus they hold over pounds 50,000 will for the first time become liable to tax.
Under the terms of the guarantee, the Service reasoned, the taxpayer's estate would become liable for the loan guarantee; any property that could be used to satisfy that guarantee could not qualify for the marital deduction, since such property was at least potentially "encumbered" with the guarantee.
As the surviving entity in the Merger, the Corporation will, by operation of law, succeed to all of the rights, powers, and property of the Trust and will, by operation of law, become liable for all of the liabilities, debts and obligations of the Trust.
A BIRMINGHAM wealth specialist has warned of the growing dangers of the inheritance tax trap in 2011 as more and more people become liable for a 40 per cent levy.