become liable

See: guarantee
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The foreign currency which was Saudi Arabian Riyal was seized under the reasonable belief that the same was being attempted to be smuggled out of India and hence had become liable for confiscation under provisions of the Customs Act 1962 read with FEMA, 2000, Patange said.
It's just one example of unfair penalty notices issued to motorists who took their vehicles on to private land - which can include car parks - and didn't realise they could become liable for extortionate charges.
However White Christmas aside, a question that always seems to crop up as we hit winter and the cold weather arrives is "should I clear snow?" Every year a myth circulates that if you clear snow from a path, car park, etc, then suddenly you become liable should anyone slip and fall.
Under section 75 of the Pensions Act 1995, employers become liable for the debt when they withdraw from the scheme.
75 billion to the total tax revenue, as more people become liable for their income.
If this can be proven, the retailer would potentially become liable for any losses Derek suffers as a consequence.
KARACHI -- Marriage halls have become liable to pay 15% sales tax on services in Sindh as the provincial high court has dismissed a case due to absence of the petitioner at case hearings.
A Debts can't be inherited like cash or property, so you are unlikely to become liable for your parents' debts.
The taxpayers become liable and if you want to save on costs, do it now before someone exploits them,' Gordon said.
This means many other poorly soluble particulate substances will become liable for classification too.
Manufacturers will become liable for a higher percentage of the accidents that occur, and dealers will probably become responsible for making sure a purchaser of an autonomous vehicle is fully informed at the time of purchase.