become manifest

References in classic literature ?
There was a remarkable intelligence in his features, as of a person who had so cultivated his mental part that it could not fail to mould the physical to itself and become manifest by unmistakable tokens.
After the adoption of the bill by the 371-member legislature it has become manifest that Aleem Khans, Hamzas, Pervaiz Elahis and Buzdars are on the same page and the differences they feign they have on issues are nothing but hallucination.
These risks often become manifest during elections, and elections in Greece as well as possible early votes in Italy, Spain, and Germany should be kept under watch.
'It has become manifest that compatriots, irrespective of creed, ethnicity, and political leanings, are today extremely eager to vote out the Buhari presidency which, out of sheer incompetence, has wrecked our once robust economy and brought so much poverty, hunger, pain, and anguish to Nigerians, once reputed as the happiest people in the world.
An example is the case of former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, which signified that, even in the Supreme Court, the political will of the executive has become manifest. There is no more independence in the three branches of government.
It is important to rule out eye diseases that may be in the early stages and haven't yet become manifest," advises Dr.
There is considerable speculation in 2016 about autonomous driving, the full impact of which will not become manifest until the 2040s.
Adel Nejad Salim told Shana that PGHC has held very constructive talks with major petrochemical firms in Europe and Asia since removal of sanctions and the outcome of the talks will begin to become manifest in the coming months.
It's only when you look at how hard riders on rival bikes are working to try to keep pace that the Suzuki's talents become manifest. It's still a very cool bike.
Bruce Fife, author of the book Stop Alzheimer's Now: "It is a progressive disease that begins decades before the first symptoms become manifest. The mild to moderate stages of Alzheimer's generally last 2 to 10 years.
Increased rates of pay will be offered as the natural forces of supply and demand become manifest, but the more people in work, the better for all.
To the latter outward perception becomes connected while remaining separate from it in actual fact, as in the case of Gabriel's appearance in the form of Dihya, or a jinn or an angel which become manifest from the world of curtaining.