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In connection with the Astor Deferred Consideration, the Company previously classified all of the EUR53 million as a non-current liability but has regularly been reviewing its assessment of when it could become payable. As a result of this review, the Group has now classified a portion of the EUR53 million liability as a current liability.
As part of the award, BHGE has agreed the contract fees will not become payable until i3 has received its first sales revenues from Liberator Phase 1.
In addition, an earn-out of a maximum of USD2m may become payable based on future net revenues from the acquired rights.
According to the Memorandum of Understanding with Venator, both firms agreed that a USD75m break fee would become payable if, among other things, the parties, despite negotiating in good-faith and in conformity with the terms in the Memorandum of Understanding, failed to reach a definitive agreement for the sale of Cristal's North American operations and Tronox was able to consummate both the Cristal transaction and the 8120 paper-laminate product grade transaction.
Approval, on a non-binding, advisory basis, of certain compensation that may be paid or become payable to the Companys executive officers in connection with the Merger and the agreements and understandings pursuant to which such compensation may be paid or become payable.
If the proposed final dividend is approved, this will become payable on the 20th of May, 2019 to all Shareholders whose names appear on the Company's Register of Members, at the close of business on the 6th of March, 2019.
Commercial milestone payments of up to an additional $80 million in the aggregate may become payable to Aegerion in prescribed increments, beginning at the end of the first quarter in which cumulative net sales in Japan reach $70 million, and continuing for each increase in cumulative net sales of $70 million thereafter, until cumulative net sales in Japan reach $700 million.
Under the definitive agreement, Cowen will acquire 100% of Quarton International's equity interests for upfront consideration of USD 75m, with additional contingent consideration of USD 40m that would become payable dependent on the achievement of certain performance milestones All consideration, including pursuant to any employee retention programme, is to be comprised of 80% cash and 20% Cowen class A common stock.
At the CYS Special Meeting, CYS's stockholders will be asked to vote on a proposal to approve the Merger and a non-binding advisory proposal to approve the compensation that may be paid or become payable to CYS's named executive officers that is based on or otherwise related to the Merger.
Additional payments of up to USD319.5m are likely to become payable upon achievement of certain development, regulatory and commercial milestones.
Separately, 89% of votes approved compensation that will or may become payable to Rite Aid executive officers in connection with the merger.
Sunderland's five new recruits have so far cost a combined sum of around PS15m, although Short has put a figure of PS21.5m on the club's outlay - the latter figure, however, is understood to include money spent to sign defender Santiago Vergini, who has already departed on loan, add-ons which may become payable as part of the Lens deal, and the fee which will become payable next summer if the Black Cats sign M'Vila on a permanent basis.