become present

See: accrue, arise
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Build in time at the end of each day to become present and still, by whatever means.
"It means to accept in forthright trust the fact that God himself can become present to me inwardly in faith.That as gracious power and force God can gain dominion over my innermost being, my heart, my passion.
Ultimately, it is a benefit to the library to become present within the undergraduate's online research workflow.
As of now, it seems like an uphill task for the pharmaceutical industry to understand when and where nitrosamines may become present in drug products.
As conditions allow or as opportunities become present the activity may additionally be implemented in other geographic focus areas, including Southern Punjab, Northern Sindh, Karachi, and Baluchistan.
Stay alert when the earning signs become present, and if you see something, ACT!
As a leader, you become present by getting out of the office and meeting folks, seeing where they work, and understanding what they do.
Chinese brands in the market of smartphones have not only invaded emerging markets, but have also become present in the majority of the countries of the world.
Smokable marijuana's effects become present almost immediately.
As I learned that the spiritual self of a woman may become present while running in nature, filling her with faith, gratitude, grace, and love for herself and others, I opened myself wider.
Lawyers of all parties should become present on next hearing.