become present

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Lawyers of all parties should become present on next hearing.
A phased roll-out of the scheme is intended, potentially starting in central Birmingham, growing to become present in all constituent local authority areas within the first year.
The Commitments, he adds, "must become present in the minds and the daily activities of our employees, and reflected in our business processes.
Now, the Sustainability Commitments 2030 must become present in the minds and the daily activities of our employees, and thus reflected in our business processes.
Having the right amount of sleep and peace of mind that your child is being looked after by an expert helps you gain confidence in parenting and you become present in the moment and actually enjoy every milestone," said Kandalaft.
Right-mindfulness is a form of meditation focusing on breathing which helps people overcome depression, anxiety and stress by recognising how the constant train of thoughts can be quietened by learning to become present to their breathing in a compassionate and non-judging manner.
One highlight is Being become present III, 2016, which embodies the open, airy look of late de Kooning.
But a resistance mutation would take about 100 generations to become present in 50 percent of the population.
When archive footage is revealed to us in appropriation films, traces of the past become present in front of us, but in expressing presence, they also reveal absence: the content of the image is no longer part of our lived-world, and only certain things are preserved in the archives.
It appears in Missional Church: "In Jesus the reign of God has become present.
The "very act of enquiring becomes an act of friendship as the soul struggles to become present to the Inner Teacher who has been most intimately present to the soul all along" (165).