become prime

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I have done very well with these two qualities, since, from the son of a fisherman of Piscina, I have become prime minister to the king of France; and in that position your majesty will perhaps acknowledge I have rendered some service to the throne of your majesty.
"That a clown like Boris Johnson is set to become prime minister in the UK shows just how low the country has fallen since the Brexit referendum"- The Danish newspaper Politiken.
The new leader - Mr Johnson or Mr Hunt - will then have their own meeting with the Queen, who will issue an invitation to form a government and thus become Prime Minister.
The chair of Telford's Conservative Association said she is hoping for a clean, civilised race between Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson as the last two candidates in the contest to become Prime Minister.
She also stressed that the power transfer would happen as promised by Dr Mahathir as he would make way for Anwar to become prime minister after two years of the formation of the PH government.
It says that it seems Hun Sen is pushing his eldest son to become prime minister, but at the moment there is no sign [of this].
CHANCELLOR Philip Hammond has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, dismissing the former foreign secretary's Brexit proposals as "fantasy world" and repeatedly saying he does not expect him to become prime minister.
They said ridiculously that Imran Khan would become prime minister when.
PTI chief Imran Khan would become Prime Minister as entire nation elected its dynamic leader,
Imran Khan will become Prime Minister of Pakistan with popular vote.
Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar claimed that the people on July 25, 2018 will decide in favor of PTI and Imran Khan will become Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Summary: New Delhi [India], May 8 (ANI): Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday mocked Congress President Rahul Gandhi for expressing a willingness to become Prime Minister in 2019.