become prime

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I have done very well with these two qualities, since, from the son of a fisherman of Piscina, I have become prime minister to the king of France; and in that position your majesty will perhaps acknowledge I have rendered some service to the throne of your majesty.
The latest row erupted after Gen Houghton expressed concern that Mr Corbyn had declared that there were no circumstances in which he would press the nuclear button should he become prime minister.
For non-Labour supporters who watched his move closely, it is still too early to tell if he has the stuff of leadership that would lead him to become prime minister of the UK.
He said Imran Khan only wants to become Prime Minister of the country and has no vision or solution for the problems of the people.
Near prime accounts have the capabilities to graduate to become prime accounts and need different management, he added.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Everybody is discussing the premiership of Ahmet Davutoy-lu, but I believe that what really needs to be discussed is whether Hakan Fidan will become prime minister.
If the masses elected Imran Khan in the election that would be the only constitutional way to become prime minister he said adding rest all the ways and means would be unconstitutional.
After his term expires Abdullah Bey will not be able to become prime minister.
Natwar Singh has claimed in the interview that Congress president Sonia Gandhi did not become prime minister in 2004 because her son Rahul Gandhi said he will not allow it since he felt she would be killed like his father, former PM Rajiv Gandhi.
However, even if the Congress party lands enough seats to lead the next government, Rahul may stand aside for someone else to become prime minister, preferring to wield power from behind the scenes, as his mother Sonia Gandhi does now.
Tanigaki was head of the Liberal Democratic Party when it was an opposition party, until Shinzo Abe replaced him in September, and is the second LDP leader not to become prime minister after Yohei Kono.
Ashraf Rifi, the head of the Internal Security Forces, deserves to become prime minister, Arab Tawhid Party leader Wiam Wahhab said Monday.