become responsible for

References in classic literature ?
A fool who, having property of his own, undertakes to become responsible for that entrusted to another to a third.
He had the feeling that this whole huge establishment had taken him under its protection, and had become responsible for his welfare.
Hernandez, who is currently head of International Operations, will become responsible for strategic initiatives across the company as International Operations chair.
In time, she will also become responsible for increased campaign planning and strategy.
MP Angela Rayner After an appearance on BBC1's Andrew Marr Show yesterday to discuss an increase in violence, the man tweeted: "I do hope this woman doesn't become responsible for education, she can't even speak English properly."
The Welsh Government and the National Assembly for Wales will become responsible for some of the taxes paid in Wales in April 2018.
Wallenstam AB (STO:WALLB) announced on Tuesday that Marina Fritsche will succeed Thomas Dahl and will become responsible for the Gothenburg business area when Dahl leaves his position on 30 June 2017.
NEW regulations come into force this week meaning private landlords will become responsible for fitting smoke alarms on each level of their properties.
As such, in part he has become responsible for NOC's Brega Marketing Co.
Juan Jose Andres Alvez will become responsible for ground handling for Europe and Africa, as well as for ground handling and cargo for Latin America and Brazil.
Reforms are seeking to remove current NHS management and replace it with family doctors who will become responsible for commissioning around GBP60bn of the health service's annual budget.
Following the Commission's reasoned opinion of June 2009, the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs had become responsible for regulation.