become responsible for

References in classic literature ?
become responsible for that entrusted to another to a third.
He had the feeling that this whole huge establishment had taken him under its protection, and had become responsible for his welfare.
As such, in part he has become responsible for NOC's Brega Marketing Co.
Juan Jose Andres Alvez will become responsible for ground handling for Europe and Africa, as well as for ground handling and cargo for Latin America and Brazil.
Under the plans MSPs will become responsible for setting a portion of income tax.
Lowri-Mair Owen, arts development officer for Bridgend Youth Theatre, said: "Our aim is that this project will become a permanent fixture at Bridgend Youth Theatre and will enable the participants to become responsible for set and costume design and construction on future theatrical productions".
Before they become responsible for new lives, prisoners must first show they can be responsible for their own actions.
While title insurance companies assume the risk of collecting and filing the transfer tax returns, in a co-op purchase, there is typically no title company involved, so attorneys become responsible for filing the transfer forms and taxes.
Qinetiq is providing design advice for the hardening and protection of the fighter, and has recently become responsible for the secretariat for the International Electrotechnical Commission SC77c committee that is currently developing standards that advise on EMP and the impact on civilian infrastructure.
If the defense is playing Cover 2, the split end will become responsible for the force.
As more and more patients become responsible for their medical costs, the practice will have to have procedures in place to ensure that patient financial responsibility remains under control.
We had to grow up, become responsible for ourselves and others.