become settled

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The ground had become settled, and the walking was good and dry.
The world seems to have become settled in the belief, long ago, that it is not possible for human genius to outdo this creation of da Vinci's.
'Once the tribal areas were known as 'Ellaqa Ghair' (No-go areas) but today these areas have become settled areas and the merger will bring prosperity in lives of the tribal people ,' he said.
I have noticed in the past countries using the Westminster system of government where voting is compulsory, independents often cross the floor in favour of the right when they become settled.
Thus, the usual distinction between Grassfielders as agriculturalists and Mbororo as pastoralists no longer holds, since most Mbororo have become settled as agro-pastoralists of some sort.
The PKK said in a statement today that its fighters had completed the tasks assigned to them in Sinjar, adding that "elements of the party will withdraw completely from the district." The statement said that at the request of the Iraqi government and the Kurds Yazidis we decided to withdraw from Sinjar," adding that "the security situation within the district has become settled, and Kurds Yazidis have reorganized their ranks." Turkish forces have entered into Iraqi territory in the Kurdistan region in preparation for a military operation against the PKK, the Turkish aircraft bombed several sites within the territory of the region caused the killing of a number of Kurdish civilians./ End
Alistair has lived in the Broomlands Court block in Paisley's West End for the last 15 years and has become settled but now Lyndsey fears plans to change his support could set him back.
I have reluctantly become settled to the fact that my life is over.
Their efforts help refugees and migrants earn a living and become settled in Croatia.
"It's important that starting school is not rushed and that children take their time to become settled and confident in school.
Their nervous systems can be constantly on the alert, making it difficult to become settled and sleep well.
Many of the tribal people who were earlier into Jhum cultivation have become settled farmers under the Tribal Jhumia Rehabilitation Scheme and Integrated Tribal Development Project.