become settled

References in classic literature ?
The ground had become settled, and the walking was good and dry.
The world seems to have become settled in the belief, long ago, that it is not possible for human genius to outdo this creation of da Vinci's.
Their efforts help refugees and migrants earn a living and become settled in Croatia.
It's important that starting school is not rushed and that children take their time to become settled and confident in school.
Their nervous systems can be constantly on the alert, making it difficult to become settled and sleep well.
Many of the tribal people who were earlier into Jhum cultivation have become settled farmers under the Tribal Jhumia Rehabilitation Scheme and Integrated Tribal Development Project.
The main positives described by Liverpool City Council's foster carers include being able to see the differences in children and young people as they become settled and grow in confidence.
It did not take more than a few weeks for the differences of opinion among the revolutionary camp to become settled -- however, it was not as a result of the actions of the pro-Morsi camp, whose rhetoric, incitement, and violence came as no surprise.
Chapter 4--Fixing Knowledge--provides a fascinating analysis of how these brokers managed to portray the Chinese as committed and dedicated to become settled and assimilated into the wider society.
Though Robin Hood has been a political flash point since its inception in 1993, it has now become settled law.
The June 2 win did end a losing sequence of two for the Ladbrokes Puppy Derby champion and was creditable in that he had to overcome a bumpy passage, but there are definitely a few question marks just now and Newbon did disclose that trainer Nick Savva feels the dog needs plenty of runs at a track to become settled in his surroundings.
Moreover, it is true that the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings have not yet reached the shores of safety and do not allow us to say that a new regime has become settled.